Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum | 531 and Other Stuff

Got a short session in yesterday.

Squats, top set of 112.5x6 (had more in the tank but first decent squat in a while).
Then did some GHRs, Hanging LR, pushups and inverted rows and got out of there in 32mins total.


Air Bike yesterday, 15min blast


sounds like fun


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Haha that might have been more enjoyable than my airbike

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C12.1 w1 d3

Did bench, barbell rows, kettlebeel swings.
Fast and simple.

Bench moved really well, hitting topset of 82.5x6 with close grip and an easy 3+ in the tank.


Yesterday DLs and FS.
Top set of 125x9, easy work. Keeping the TM down and the reps crisp ala Mr Wendlers advice is making for solid sessions that dont tank me.

Today, lake run. 5.4km, 32:11, 5:57 pace.


Yesterday was squats, C12.1 W2 D1

Today was cleans, and presses (separate moves), c12.1 2 D2

Switched squats to D1 as my legs were smoked last week and it definitely carried into my DL day.


Lake run

31.22, 5.40 pace


Bit of silence on here sorry yall.

C12.1 W3 D3 DL
DL 105x5 120x3 137.5x5
Trap bar 105x 5x5

Pushups x 100
Chins x 47
Pullaprts x50
Split squats 24kg x 20/leg

Just bench left and onto C13.

Ive planned the next 2 out with built in allowance for rest/travel etc.

Transformation doesnt look that promisjng, only down to 89kg but the wife says im leaner so thats a plus.


Oop been a while.
No excuses. My Transformation went sideways, a whole lot of life happened (bought a house, fixed old one, sold it, moved, job has changed, etc.) but i have trained somewhat consistently throughout. Mostly WOD style blasts.

The good news is no heavy work for a while has left the strength overall feeling good.

Ready to get back into proper strength training now. Pick back up on a failed C13.


Good to know you are still breathing, sounds like you really have been busy.

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Yeah man, been chaos of a good sort. I really enjoyed doing some “crossfitty” things, but need that structure of a strength plan. Will definitely keep some WODs in for hard conditioning.


In the spirit of wanting to log on here consistently, here goes the travel program minimum.

Pushusp 2x25
Squats 2x50.

Very low on sleep last few days so got to do something.
Will be back home tomorrow to get some actual work done.


I’ve worked out my plan for the next couple of cycles.
As a bit of a change up from the CF style chaos I’ve been doing, I’m going to be a little more Bodybuilding style focus whilst keeping the base of 531 for main lifts.

Will use 5x5 FSL for Lifts.
4 day split:
Press, Shoulders and Back and abs
Squat, Lower body and arms
Bench, Chest and Back and abs
DL, Lower body and arms
This Torso vs limbs is an idea i took from a John Meadows program I saw an overview of, I feel it keeps the JW vibe of Push, pull SL/Core whilst not doing everything all at once.
Instead of jumps and throws I am going to keep light Power cleans on lower days and Hang power snatches on upper days, just to keep the movement training and mobility these need in there.
Always my worst, so will aim for 4 days - Min 1 sled day, min 1 running day OR a touch footy game (doing these semi regularly ATM), and 2 other days of whatever i come up with - KBs or walks or even calisthenics circuits if travelling.

Why the Bodybuilding slant? In short, my wife told me I need to work on my arms :joy: so that is what I will do! But will also give me a bit of a new angle and way to attack things.


Awesome, mate!

I loved my run of JW’s 5/3/1 & Bodybuilding template, so much so in fact that I followed it immediately with a mash-up of his original template and some other “more traditional” bodybuilding-type movements awhile back. I think I got some real gains over that period, and I didn’t get fat despite eating a ton!

I’ve just started the PPL split that my wife is using in a 6-week bodybuilding clinic she’s doing through her gym—the coach is a NPC Wellness competitor, and though I don’t think she’s competed in awhile (and I don’t know if she won anything when she last competed), I know she’s prepping for a show later this summer—she’s definitely legit.

And, besides, she’s got bigger arms than me, so…

Anyway, I’m super-excited to track along here and see how this goes for you.


Cheers @SvenG

Do you mean the one on his blog, or is there one in Forever I haven’t come across yet?

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This one.

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at least she didn’t say work on your guts. :rofl:


Thats the bit I didnt share LOL


C13 W D1 Press 3s week

Been hit with a weird flu last couple of days after travelling, so was a bit gassed.
Love finishing with the farmers walks, will slowly ad volume there.