Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum | 531 and Other Stuff

C11 W3 D4

Did all the FSL and chins and dips as a circuit.

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Excuse the scribble, post workout writing is scratchy at best.
The note re assistance explainer:
I was doing “bodybuilder” assistance, and whilst i do love me a good arm pump, it doesnt make me feel athletic at all. I peobably got over obsessed with the “bodybuild the upper” part of the name. (The actual bodybuilders on here are rolling their eyes at my pitifully low volume haha)
I do know a good bodyweight circuit can kick my lardy ass and still give me a killer pump.
So hence the slight shift.
And inspired by @antiquity 's log if im honest. I dont want to go full CF, tried that 3 times and i never stick, but i can borrow and steal from some of his CF style work.



Thanks for the tag, and feel free to grab anything useful from my log. Many are straight up CF workouts, and some a modifications for my own garage. If I can help at all, please ask.

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Cheers, will do. I have the aribike and notice you do a lot of modified WODs with yours, definitely an underused piece for me.

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No workout this pm.

Lots of yard work, adding to our herb garden to lots of carrying, shovelling, then mowing, edging etc.

Then feasted on home done rotisserie lamb leg. Amazing.

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C12 W D1
Press 45x3 52.5x3 57.5x6 45x 5x5

Then 20 Min EMOM
1: 10 cals Assault bike
2: 20 KB SDHP 32kg
3: 20 pushups
4: 5 pullups + 5 Leg raises

This smoked me in the 5th round.


Has anyone who has run the V diet got reflux before? Been hit with it, wondering if the gut is adjusting.

C12 W1 D2
Morning workout. More on that later.

Cleans 55x3 65x3 72.5x3

Squats 87.5x3 100x3 112.5x5 87.5x 5x5
All squats belted and to a 12 inch/300mm box

Airbike 10/20 reverse tabata
47 cals, 2km, 267 watts.

So about morning workouts. Anyone who specialises in them is welcome to give me hints. That said, ultimately it just comes back to toughening up and getting it done.
Me and the SO had a chat about this, with a 1.5YO and maybe more on the horizon, time is only going to be more scarce, so i have to move to morning workouts. I used to be like that all the time, but somewhere around 2020 (probably lockdown come to think of it) i started doing more afternoons. I felt better. More pop.
This morning was a grinder, took a while to wake up, warm up, my legs were sore from the trap bars 2 days ago, wah wah wah. But got it done and happy I did.
That said i dont want them to run so slow. So any tips for waking up fast are welcome.


I tend to be in my gym or on the road running/sprinting/weight vest walking pre 05:00. Having a coffee maker with a timer (ala Dan John) makes this easier. I tend to have a whey protein shake plus fruit and adding in cereal if I’m gaining and then procrastinate for 20 mins then hit a short mobility drill with foam rolling for 5-10 mins then onto the bike for 5 mins. By that time I’m usually in a good place, to be honest I think it’s about making it a habit which is why I try and get up within half an hour of exactly the same time Mon - Sun


For me, it’s absolutely this, x2.

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[quote=“Deadliftnstill, post:250, topic:282139”]
Anyone who specialises in them is welcome to give me hints. [/quote]

Hardly a specialist here, but yep I just get it done and get it done early before family are up and about. I train fasted, some drop in performance but work around it how best suits you and the family.

Once you’ve been getting up at 5.30am for a while it’s ‘almost’ like clockwork…


Thanks all. Working on setting a time, will keep at it.

Travel conditioning. Hotel gym
15mins rower. Screen died when i stopped for a second to change songs, so not sure of distance or cals. I def got over 3km as the kast 6 mins was my slowest pace and i did 1900m in that time.

Then 5 rounds of
10 pushups
10 double dbell rows, 20kg per hand
15 squats

Then 50 burpees (strict 6 count style)


Making some tweaks to my cycle, not significant enough to detail here (i know, i know, not even a week in). There is a lot of work travel coming up so training is going to be whatever, whenever - chaos is going to have to be the plan. I may also be slack posting, but I’ll still be T-ransforming!


I know a dude who’s had some really, REALLY good results with that, haha!

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Haha me too, me too!

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Just a checkin. Life has been hectic as predicted, but have trained most days.

I know i made a bit of a reference to not doing Crossfit, but ive actually resorted to a few WODs for speed and effectiveness in the gym.

Weight has flat lined a bit, but have been a bit spasdmodic in adherence to shakes, so to be expected. Still trending down tiny bit by bit.


Back again, checking in.
Lots of good work in ither threads i see, will be checking out logs as i get time.

Ready to get back into a bit more structure. I’m thinking BaBY? Not sure it helps my shred goals… time will tell!

The busyness has suited short CF WODs well, but the time away has got me itching to get back under the barbell again too.

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Got this to run in the future, @SvenG had some fantastic results with it but not one I’d pick unless eating plenty. If it’s shred goals there are a few templates to consider, I ran Krypteia (which I think you’ve done) fat loss and prep but most recently full body 1000% awesome which I’d recommend as you can get plenty of conditioning in and the volumes recoverable on fewer calories

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Cheers. I’ll check them out this morning.

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Settled on just rerunning the planned C12 cycle.

C12.1 W1 D1

Cleans 55x5 65x3 72.5x5

Press 45x3 52.5x3 57.5x6, 45x 5x5

15-12-9-6-3 (45) for time, don in 17.19
Airbike cals
Chin up (fairly strict, but probably a few no reps in there)
Decline pushup (feet on bench)
GHD situp
Back raise