Shoulder problems (biceps tendonitis?)

I,m currently having physio on both my shoulders(nueromuscular release technique?)which has helped a lot. However i still have a loud popping sound in my left shoulder whenever i rotate it externally. The physio said that he is 90% certain that my biceps tendon has slightly popped out of the bicipital groove(i think). Is this possible and will this recover with rest. Also when doing things like romanian deadlifts, i get pain and tightness around my rear delt area, but i dont get this when doing things like bent over rows. If anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated as i hate not training.

I had Biceptal Tendonitis. I think i got it from doing 1 rep Sumo style deadlifts (thats something i did often too). I had to take off a month from doing most upper body movements. Even then after that i came back slow with light weight, it probably took a good 2 months or more to get the strength fully back. My arm at one point, was so weak i couldnt do a shoulder raise without any weight. Did alot of leg work in the meantime, thats for sure. I have since dropped the sumo style grip and do them the way Ian King prescribes, in fear of going thru this again.