Sholder Injury, re-occuring

Hey, I injured my shoulder 1 year ago, popped halfway out of the socket then snapped back in when the weights dropped while doing incline dumbells. The question is, I was wondering what the possibility is of the injury re-occuring. I hear stories of people’s shoulder sockets just giving out and their arm pops out of the joing very easily. So when I’m lifting (using heavy weights) whats the possibility of my shoulder giving out and if it does say on bench press that’ll mean my whole damn arm will be ripped off. I don’t feel pain there, just the occasional strain and crack(like if I move my arm quickly in a punching motion from side to side, it’ll crack). Sorry for long post, am I just paranoid?

I had the exact same thing happen years ago on an incline bench (barbell). Then it happened on dbell overhead press. You need to go see a doctor and then a physical therapist. You will need to strengthen your shoulder muscles significantly using rotator cuff exercises, etc. I know this sounds anal, but trust me. When this happened to me 4 years ago, I thought it was no big deal. I got used to it and just didn’t do any overhead pressing movements, among other things. It got worse. It would “pop out halfway” all the time, even when I was doing nothing. I finally got fed up with it when I wrenched it out doing, of all things, squats (poor flexibility) 3 months ago. Now I am doing specialized exercises for it and it feels better, but I should not have waited so long. That is my advice. Good luck to you. I would not do any overhead pressing without a spotter.

Look into some ART also
maybe just do stablizers for a month

You describe a subluxation of the shoulder joint. You may have made your shoulder unstable by this injury. The possibility of re-injury or further injury is present if the ligaments have laxity. Answer some questions for me: 1. Age 2. Dominant or non-dominant hand. 3. Previous injuries to either shoulder. 4. MRI or X-ray report. 5. Sports involved in. 6. Do you have full range of motion in the shoulder? 7. Have you had any loss of strength in any lifts? 8. What are you not able to do? 9. Which way did the shoulder feel like it “slipped out”? Get back to me as soon as you can.

I don’t have an answer for ya, but I just have to say… Man, it’s so cool seeing someone ask a question like this, and get so many people willing to respond and help diagnose. I’m sure plenty of people saved alot of money & time asking for advice here before going somewheres else. Most everyone really seem to care here… on other boards, that would’ve either answered with some halfassed ramble or ignored. Alright… good luck with the shoulder Mike, and Happy Holidays everyone.

Mike, how much weight did you use when this happened?

Stronski, well I have had the exact same injury myself, and now I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to press heavy like I used to. I’m 25 years old and injured my shoulder in a contact football game summer 2000 and was diagnosed w/ multi-directional instability and a small labial tear. My shoulder would sublux easily during horizontal flexion, and also during pressing movements. I had an arthroscopic procedure called a thermal assisted capsulorapphy in 1/2001, tightening up the ligaments by shrinking them with a heat probe. I went through rehab, and my shoulder has never subluxed since. My problem is now, under load, the shoulder hurts, “feels” unstable, and I’m afraid to apply any load over 225. ( Old max 430). My question is, will I ever be able to apply a heavy load again to my shoulder? Where can I find a rehab?training protocol to get me back to 100% if training would do the trick. I’ve looked everywhere but cannot find one!

Stronski sorry for not responding earlier

    1. 2.Dominant Hand. 3. No previous injuries. 4. No MRI or x-ray. 5. No Sports just the occasional game. 6. Yes, full range of motion of shoulder. 7. No loss in any lifts. 8. I’m able to do everything. 9. Felt like it slipped out in the direction of the lift. (incline dumbell press).
      Thanks. Mike

The incline plane of motion in and of itself actually is impinging on the gleno-humeral (shoulder) joint. The motion stretches the joint capsule during every rep, due to the design of the joint and the range of motion used. Hardly anyone that I see ever stays in a range of motion that is safe, and everyone uses much more weight than they should, it may sound extreme, but I do not do or prescribe the incline press for this reason. If you must do the incline press, use a weight that is comfortable (after you heal) and limit your range of motion. I won’t go into the rehab but if you would like some great alternatives guaranteed to be safe and extremely effective, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll be glad to help. I won’t be checking back until after the holidays. Riley


Riley, since emails aren’t allowed, please post your alternative exercises here. I’ve never felt very comfortable doing incline bench presses and learning safe and effective exercises to target the upper chest and shoulders will be great.