Rob's 5/3/1 here we go

[quote]mpenix wrote:
you went from that… to THAT in 3 months? crazy man, props to you. keep at it![/quote]

I agree! Shoulda kept the beard though (no homo).

Lol, well you’re the only one that liked it… I was trying for the Grizzly Adams, just didn’t get the women like I wanted too.

Again thank you


12" box squats 1 set of 8-12, 1 set of 4-8 work sets

glute hams 3x12 but rotate rep ranges, set schemes

hanging leg raises: same protocol as the ab pulldowns

Do the pulldown abs when you deadlift. I honestly thnig that these 4 lifts will make your squat easier out of the hole.
I used to do the 12" box squats a lot and I’m rediculously strong out of the hole

I appreciate the advice, I will definitely try this when I get done with this cycle (or hell I might try to incorp it next week)

Well today was squats and I have to say it gave me hell

Squats 200x3, 215x3 and 235x3
-I tried for a fourth, however I couldn’t do it and thank god I had a spot

Front Squats- 135lbs 4x6
-These weren’t as bad this week. I did however use the clean grip and it did hurt my wrist after each set, but it eventually went away and I was fine…

Good Mornings: 4x10 135lbs
-These felt like, however my legs are still sore from Deadlifts this week so I ended up going light on these because it kinda hurt to stretch (I know I was being a pussy, I will up the weight next week)

Ab Wheel- 4x10

I really am hoping that my max gets moved up to 260… I really want to see it get better and if I have to I will try the Smolov to bring this up. I am definitely ready for the weekend, my lower back is tired

wow, really nice work man, only 3 months!!

you’ll be amazed how your lifts go up with 5/3/1.

good luck

Well today was shit. I felt like I had no energy and this weekend I tried to help my Granny with some yard work. In doing that I managed to get Poison Ivy on my right bicep and my left eye (both eyelid and right under my eyeball) and my left eye was straining to stay open so I just felt tired…

Military Press: 130x5, 140x1 (with 2 push press) and 150x (2 push press)
-I just didn’t have it today, also I might have gone up to quickly. I will keep this same max when I do another cycle of 5/3/1. I think I might incorporate Push Press to get my shoulders use to the heavier loads, however I really don’t know how to do that without going overboard

T-Bar Rows- 140 4x10

  • I let the bar go down a little bit more to the ground and used a little more body english. I did this because when I use the body English I definitely feel it more in my back. Strict is definitely hard, however I feel it more when I use more of my body

Incline BB Bench- 160 4x6
-Last week I could only do 3x6 and I was determined to get one more set in before I moved up a weight. These felt good and not nearly as hard as last weeks

Skull Crushers- 60 4x10
-I upped the weight because 55 was to easy. 60lbs was definitely harder and it took a lot more to do. Amazing how 5lbs can do that

I wish I could of had more energy. Hoping this poison Ivy will go away soon as it is definitely effecting me and I really want to finish this week out strong

Well I took a picture of my face to show what it looks like with poison ivy.

I know I have an ugly mug.

Here is my workout… with Deads I always feel like I’ve given my all. I couldn’t do calf raises due to the fact I was completely done and spent

Deadlift- 300x5, 315x3 and 340x3

  • I think I could of gotten another rep, however I lost my grip and I didn’t feel like resetting.

Shrugs- 210 3x10

  • I started to feel this on my third set, going to up the weight and try for 4 sets next time

SLDL- 230 4x10

  • The volume on my lower back about killed me. Every set I had to lay down because my lower back was tired. As soon as I was done with each set I foam rolled and that did seem to help

Ab Wheel- 4x10

Other than the one more rep I could of gotten in my last set of deads I feel like I did the best I could. Today after each set my legs would give out and I had to stay there on all fours and catch my breath and look at the puddles of sweat. Today was a good day

I felt good with today. My eye was bothering me really bad. However my bench felt good.

Bench Press: 215x5, 225x3 and 240x1 (PR)
-Well I got a shitty video of me pushing it up and I’m uploading it, going to try and see if I can get it

Chins(37.5lbs + BW)- 2x6, 1x5
-I really think I might substitute these out for Rack chins, I can’t seem to progress very well with this

Dips(40lbs) 1x10, 1x9, 2x8
-Lol I was loosing steam, however I felt great after, my arm was tight

EZ Bar Curls(70lbs) 4x8
-definitely tough to get 8 on all of these

Skull Crusher(55lbs) 4x10
-These are feeling a lot better

Sorry it’s upside down

Back Squats- 220x5, 235x3 and 250x1,1
-I couldn’t rep this weight, I put it down, took 3 deep breathes, did it again and then I was done

Front Squats-160 4x6
-Feel like I’m able to be more stable now that I’ve kept with the clean grip

GM- 150 4x10

  • Legs were exhausted just doing this movement

Ab Wheel 4x10

My body definitely needs the deload week. I didn’t take one last cycle, so it’s been 7 weeks straight 5/3/1. Looking forward to do the deload and bumping up the maxes if possible

[quote]ALKoHoLiK wrote:

My body definitely needs the deload week. I didn’t take one last cycle, so it’s been 7 weeks straight 5/3/1. Looking forward to do the deload and bumping up the maxes if possible[/quote]

hey man, training looks good, except for one thing, you need to deload EVERY cycle, thats the program (you’re joints will hate you if you don’t), it’s supossed to cycle intensity, i think that was the reason you couldn’t rep that squat weight.

Yeah, last cycle I felt great and I just jumped into another one and upped my maxs.

Also I’m not doing the 90%. I want to get my squat up, I’m tired of it being close to my BP, you know? It’s embarrassing so I’m trying to rectify this situation