pulling muscles

i am fairly new to deadlifting. i have always worked legs before and did things like power cleans, squats (cannot work squat now days without a rack), throw in lunges every once in awhile, and things of that like. but with all the info on the t-mag site, i have decided i was an idiot for never doing deadlifts and have since incorporated them into my workout. since i am new at them, i cannot do that much weight, but have still encountered a problem recently. it seems everytime i do deadlifts i pull the muscle just an inch or so above and inside the hip flexor muscle. i am pretty sure this isn’t the hip flexor muscle and part of lower abdominals. i have known about this problem for awhile and try like hell to stretch this muscle (which is hard to do) for at least 5min prior to workout. i still pull it almost every time. tonight it occurred during my very light weight warmup set of 160 pounds. this pissed me off and fucked up my entire workout, which may be part of the reason it is 5am and i am still up. does anybody else have this problem? i can easily do sets of 10 with 250+ when it is healthy but i am mortified by this stupid stinging pain when i deadlift. is this a hernia or something? what is wrong with me and how can i get back to doing my workouts normally? thanks. --rush7

Hi Rush. Run, do not walk, to see an ART practitioner. They can help you reduce the trauma and restore functionality to the affected muscles. They can also show you an effective stretching protocol, which it sounds like you need. Stretching alone will not prevent further injury. When you say hip flexor, are you thinking iliopsoas? They have a way of working on that one too, if that’s the area affected.

i do not know the name of the particular muscle group (iliopsoas); i have just always heard them called hip flexors (the muscle that brings the leg up when standing and bringing the leg straight out)…it isn’t this actual muscle, though, but an area above and toward the center of the body – more on the very outside of the lower abdominal area. i will have to look in to the ART therapy. i cannot stand this stupid injury!! thanks for the input, Greg.