Propylene Glycol safe for Powders?

With all of the rage now being towards powdered anabolics, I am wondering how safe it is to mix them with propylene glycol and then administer orally. Bill states in a recent post the following: “I have a very poor opinion of injecting concentrated propylene glycol. Is there even a single human pharmaceutical drug that is so formulated? Only stuff I can think of is Mexican veterinary stuff… in any case, I wouldn’t be surprised if the PG is locally damaging. It’s certainly painful anyway (I have heard from those who have injected such stuff – I wouldn’t try it.)”

So it sounds to me that if PG is this damaging to use in injections then it might be damaging to use orally (just squirting it down the old tube)? If it is damaging then would using ethanol with the powders be the best way to go or is it just best to measure out what one needs and swallow it? Someone please clear this up.

Propylene glycol is fine to use with the oral powders. It’s widely used as a solvent for oral drugs that are insoluble or unstable in water. It’s also used in some vitamin preparations. Pharmacists often use ethanol(ethanol more often) or propylene glycol as a quick solvent for certain oral products. It’s also used in foods. In other words, it’s a food grade material. Even if you could get a higher quality version, you shouldn’t inject it for reasons that Bill stated earlier. It shouldn’t be detrimental when taken orally though. Hope this helps.

As Cy said, orally is fine for propylene glycol, because it rapidly is diluted by water. Dilute solutions are perfectly safe, but
as with many things, concentrated solutions
can be harmful to cells. For example, if
you injected 190 proof ethanol into your
muscle, you’d probably kill the cells at the
injection site; but you can toss the stuff
down the hatch with no tissue damage
whatsoever (assuming the amount is reasonable.)
Same thing with PG.