Prop, Stana Injectable (Winnie)& D-bol

it was suggested that i start a new thread with this question, so here goes.
i was wondering if i can and how i should combine these for a 2 week on/ 2 off cycle.
i may also be able to get some anapolon(anadrol) if this may be better than the d-bol to mix with the others.
i am not new to this, just the ideas of these short cycles. i would search and do the reasearch myself but the fact i’ve been away for a couple of years means that my time is pretty well not mine at the present(wife, kids, work and training). the other thing is that after so long i’m just keen to get on it & into it.

100mg/day, 50mg/day, 40mg/day

Depending on your previous cycling experience and stats the amounts could vary accordingly.

You’d be better off going with your latter idea and substituting the Dianabol for Anadrol.

Lillguy001 & contrl
thanks heaps.