Portfolio Charting?

I am backtesting Swensens asset allocation recommendations for the March 2000 and up period. I am planning to invest a small portion of my portfolio in equity and I want to see what are the current losersand thewinners` and their behavior since March 2000.

Most charting sites are superb on a one-by-one ticker basis. Some of them allow portfolio creation, which is basically a roster of all titles.

But I have yet to see one that can chart all of them as a portfolio.

Closest thing I found was MoneyCentral, YahooFinance, and BarChart. But once again no charting for the whole portfolio. Just the invested - current worth grouping.

I`m sure this is possible on big sites, because Globefund.com does this for Canadian mutual funds.

Thanks in advance!

FYI, finally found a cool one. Very versatile charting, too. Even allows to download historical quotes from sites like finance.yahoo.com