Pituitary Tumor - HCG Script Questions (Dosage, Gyno)

Thanks, keep your thread updated so everyone on this forum can see how it goes. Honestly, the caber has been great. I don’t know where I would be today without it. It dropped my prolactin from 54 to the 4 to 5 range. If your levels were up to 40, that is definitely not normal. A man’s prolactin levels should not exceed 13 to 15.

Did you have your tumor surgically removed?

I had an initial MRI to confirm that I had a pituitary tumor and a follow up MRI after about 6 months. After 6 months on caber, my tumor could not even be detected on the follow up MRI.

I think you are right about your HCG dosage. It seems pretty high. The experts on this forum recommend 250iu EOD which would be about 1000iu per week. See this sticky here:

Thanks for the advice on the TRT, too