Phase III- Growth Surge

Listen you guys! If ever a support group were needed it’s for those of us who are in Phase III. After all that intensity in II, I feel like a slouch. Don’t get me wrong I’m getting a good pump, haven’t lost any weight and my size gains are hanging on. But I’m having a hard time keeping up my calories (had no problem in two. According to calculations I should be taking in 4500 cals but have trouble getting 3200. I think we need a thread for phase three’ers because I’m convinced how important this phase is to gaining muscle and taking off fat later. If it’s screwed up a lot can be lost. Write in everyone and let’s hear how you’re doing!!!

I do not understand people who say thay cannot eat enough food. There is a large variety of foods that can be eaten and have large caloric density. Considering the fact that 100 g of various nuts contains heaps of good fats and a large amount of calories, around 600, it is hard to believe that somebody will fail to achieve measly 4500 kCal per day. Sorry, but if you train your ass off every day and keep your everyday schedule tight, it is sad to see failure just because you are LAZY to munch on some nuts or chug down a shake or two per day. That is it, pure laziness, nothing more. Sorry for being perhaps harsh to you but that is my opinion.

I hear you. I’m currently taking in about 3500cals/day (ME calculations say about 4200), but I’m maintaining weight and BF% without any problem. I think that there is some missing ingredient in the ME calculations for maintenance… ME recommendations were right on for Phase I and Phase II (cutting and bulking), but are waaaay high for Phase III. Anyone have any ideas on this? Anyone else experience the same thing?

to sasa: No laziness about it cuz. Your assumptions are unconstructive. Good bit about the nuts I must say, but keep it positive dude. Otherwise you shut people out to the good stuff you have.

My problem seems to be a lack of appetite as in phase two. My question for Chris or Robert is why do you think this is? 5000 calories was really doable in Phase II and I kid you not it is a real force job to eat above 3500.

JoeT, no offense taken or given. :slight_smile: You see, I am hungry like hell at 3900 and I cannot understand that you cannot eat 200 g of nuts PER DAY, if nothing else. :slight_smile: How about trying old bodybuilders trick - eating junk food to compensate for calories? You will find this advice on many other, more “advanced and hardcore” sites. If you are so called “skinny bastard”, you can certainly afford that - unfortunately, I cannot. Keep coming on strong. :slight_smile:

Eating 5700 calories in week 2 of phase 2 is a nightmare, but my gains are unbelieveable - better than any other program I’ve done in my life. I’m really looking forward, however, to being able to cut back my calories during phase 3, and I’ll share my input. Have you all been adhering to the supplement protocol as outlined?

There is a reason why it might be hard for some to maintain appetite during phase III. As a homeostatic mechanism the body has yet to fully adapt to the extra weight and muscle gained during phase II (assuming one ate and trained properly and gained an appreciable amount of mass). We’re only talking 2 weeks here and 5-15 lbs of l.b.m. is a significant amount to put on in such a short period of time and the body needs time to adapt to it. The reduction in appetite could be one way the body tries to revert back to it’s original self. So if you eat less you lose some of the recent size accumulation. It’s kind’ve like losing a lot of weight really quick the appetite goes way up and metabolic rate drops…only here we have the opposite scenario.

About three days after finishing up my first bottle of Mag-10 I came down with the stomach flu. I’m struggling to stay hydrated and am having a hard time eating anything, definitely struggling to eat high protein foods. The good news is that my weight isn’t going down like I feared. The weight staying somewhat constant proves to me that Mag-10 is the real deal – my 10 pound gain wasn’t water, it was muscle! Hopefully my stomach will calm down soon and I’ll put on another 10 pounds with the next bottle.

My appetite came roaring back with a vengence within a couple of days after first posting. Now 4500 is no problem. Kelley you have some pretty good answers. My thoughts are that fatigue could have had something to do with the loss of appetite at first. Phase II is intense both physically and mentally. The nervous system seems to take a hit during all of this, with lack of sleep etc. I’m doing well, although I’ve gained about 3 more pounds since finishing phase II. I weigh 200. now and my strength is incredible. Still using the tribex and M and will be for another week.
I’m gradually increasing my cardio acording to the phase III directives. I can hardly wait to drop the cals a bit for fat loss, but I’ll be honest all this food makes me feel like God.

Joet, agree with me now? :slight_smile: Btw. I am dieting, 2000 kCal and only dream about 4500. :slight_smile: