ph levels

My body is pretty acidic. Starting from saliva down to urine and would like to try and neutralize it if possible. Does anybody have a suggestions or supplements that could make my body more alkaline? Thanks

Fruits and vegetables.

I read somewhere that there are different foods to remedy this in tall blonde females.

pH is a moving target. Generally the blood is about 7.35, saliva should be about 6.8 and Urine 6.3. The best way to alkaline the body quickly is to pick up a juice weasel of some kind and make your own vegtable juices once or twice a day. Be sure you are well minerialized as well.


Try Twinlab Phos Fuel, or use 1/2 tsp of baking soda a day. Or try squeezing a lemon in some grapefruit juice (they are both alkaline forming in the body).

Hey Shannon do you get a lot of tarter or cavities in your teeth? I read that if your saliva is really acidic it can cause plaque and tarter. A solution is to each a balanced diet, make sure you eat breakfast, and it even mentioned to have a little lemon with your water because when the highly acid lemon hits your stomach it will release a more basic substance to neutralize the effect. You can buy some littmus paper to monitor it.