I go to my Muay Thai class for an hour each day, and immediately after I go to the gym and lift for about 45min-1hour.
I was just wondering if I was overdoing it, and if I should be taking any supplements? And if I was to take some supplements (Surge) how should they be taken before, during, after etc?

You are the only one who knows if you are over doing it. If you are you must decide what your goals are and prioritze. Are you a fighter or a weightlifter? Both need to be done but you cant give 100% to both and still gain.

I would suggest that you look for signs of overtraining: Loss of appetite. Not getting to sleep right away. Waking up tired in the morning. Tired during the day. Not enthused about training. Your friends or family say you are irritable.

Do you have any of the above?

Isn’t it sort of a general recommendation for people to take a weeks break every couple of months as a precautionary measure to prevent this?

For more experienced lifters who know their bodies and training very well they probably have a good idea of when they are going too hard but for new people (like me) I thought that was good advice.

I definetly have trouble getting to sleep at night. But I dont thing i’m overtraining, just seeing if i’m headed towards a burnout. Thanks for the feedback.

A couple of questions:

  1. Sorry I have no idea what Muay Thai is.
  2. Do you train 1 hour Muay Thai + 45-60 minutes bb workout 7 times/week ?