Have any of you ever used this stuff for your workouts? It is supposed to be nasal spray to help clear a stuffy nose, but is also used as a stimulant and ergogenic. Anyone?

Look at the ingredients. It probably just has ephedrine or pseudoephedrine in it, which are commonly used in nasal decongestants. If that’s the case, just pop an MD6 or other ephedrine-containing pill. That would be cheaper than a nasal spray product.

Well, it looks as if the active ingredient in it is something called xylometazoline. I just found out this stuff is banned in the US by most sports. Sounds interesting to me!

Actually after reading about in the latest Musclemag went out and got a bottle but added it to my bottle of nasal 4-Ad-took it the other day when I was maxing in B/B Squat-WOW-controlled aggression actually worked quite well got a good psyche from the both

I’ve been looking for this product myself after reading it in MM. Can anyone direct me where I can find it. Rite Aid and Longs Drugs didn’t carry it.

found it here.

thanks outlaw.