On TRT 2 Months. Add Arimidex?

I love HCG and have found that I don’t need much in order to keep from having atrophy or the other potential side effects of trt.

If your balls are tight up, this may just be temporary.
My balls hang, though slightly smaller in size post trt, and only tight up and go in when it’s cold etc.

So are they tight up or smaller but loose and hanging?

Btw I’ve taken no hcg for 2 years. Never have.

I really would not add hcg until you get labs. You may need to inject more which would increase your e2 and that may solve that problem.

@trtwuzup sometimes the loose and hanging but definitely smaller but sometimes they tight up and uncomfortable. If it’s temporary I’d rather not take hcg then.

Maybe bump up the test to 100mg? Currently on 80mg/week divided into 2 sub q shots.

Thanks man.

Absolutely not. If your SHBG is below 30 better start injecting daily

So you have been injecting at this protocol for 4 weeks? Wait 6-8 weeks then access symptoms and take labs. Then adjust protocol if necessary. There is no short cut man. The body takes time.

Ok cool I will do so thanks @trtwuzup

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