Omega 6 deficient

I have recently replaced 400 carb calories from my diet with 400 fat calories. Just like JMB suggests you do. Problem is these 400 cal all come from linseedoil. Do I now risk becoming omega 6 deficient. I’m on a 3500 cal. diet right now.

Why would you be anymore defifient then you are now, since you are replacing existing calories with more fats?

It is very difficult to be Omega-6 deficient with the typical American diet. It is usually Omega-3 that drops to zero.

Isnt linseed oil the same as flax seed oil. If it is then it contains omega 6.
If not you shouldnt be deficient anyway. Even if you were using a product that was 100% omega 3 you are still only replacing carbs with omega 3 you are not replacing omega 6 with omega 3.
so omega 6 levels/intakes should be the same

Isn´t the ratio between omega 3 and 6 determinent of wheter you become deficient or not, as opposed to the absolute intake of both fatty acids.

Isn’t the ratio between omega 6 and 3 the determining factor in wether or not you become omega 6 or 3 deficient. Or is the absolute intake of the fatty acids more important?

That issue was discussed in an article called the Fat roundtable or something like that give it a look.
Basically they impression that I dot was that it would be VERY difficult to become deficient in omega 6.
I would highly recomend the article something like ‘Fat Roundtable’