Off Topic: Message for coyote

You wrote: “when I find myself getting
an attitude about something I dont like that
people do, I mentally slap myself, […] and
maybe ask yourself ‘whats it got to do with
me? […] why am I wasting energy on this and
p*ssing away my power?’ granted some things
people do really do nauseate me! but thats my
problem isn’t it?”

Thanks for the reminder. (Sometimes I need a reminder - see drug legalization debate). I generally agree with and live by the philosophy you described. But there is one problem with it: when other people dont share that live and let live attitude, and feel the need to try to dictate their views and way of life on everyone else. Then it *becomes* my problem through their interference in my life. I still live my life as I choose. But damn, circumventing "laws" becomes a pain in the ass.

My point here is this: this philosophy only truly works if people are willing to live and let live. Unfortunately there are way too many megalomaniacal busybodies trying to tell everyone else how they should live. I will never understand why bureaucrats, religious people, socialists, [fill in "special interest" group here], etc feel the need to control others. Will to power? Or maybe feelings of helplessness themselves? I suppose each is different... It's deeply sick regardless.

Hey, who are you to tell me that I shouldn’t tell you what to do? Why should I live and let live? Why don’t you live and let live by doing what I tell you to do? You seem to feel the need to control other people to have them not control you. Why should I subscribe to your notion of my self interest by refraining from telling you what to do? How DARE you force your morality on me!!!