Nutrition Importance On AAS

Many of you know that I was and have in the past been a big advocate of rather large doses of AAS comparatively speaking. Now my large doses ranged from 2000mg in the main course and as high 4000mg total the last 5 weeks before a meet. It cost alot of money, alot of side effects (High heart rate, high blood pressure, cholesterol being insanely horrible, problems sleeping that I still experience even when off, and few other things), and motto mention pain lol. Pinning upwards of 3000mg of gear into a not very large person leaves room for a lot of PIP.

Recently I decided I wanted to slowly but surely work my way up into the 242 weight class of power lifting and begin a chase for SPF Squat Record set by Rubbish at 660. Seemingly doable especially considering I have room to add 20 plus pounds to my frame before a water cut for weigh ins even begins to be a challenge. With this being said I figured I would need to bump my gear use even more upward to my main course possibly being 2500-3000mg of gear and then bump with the orals and bla bla bla last few weeks. On top of this I would be eating alot more than normal not shit mind you but obviously to go from 220-250 at my small 5’7" frame on a good day would require some food. So if I was already experiencing shitty sides you could only imagine what a 20% increase on top of more body weight (hopefully mostly muscle) could do to my already shitty sides and blood work.

So, I decided to seek out the help of some much more experienced people than my self. A coach if you would. A man who held a pro strongman card and compete at WSM back in the early 2000s, Played football professionally, and has benched a legitimate 600 pounds raw and has seen the scale push well over 300 pounds himself. Long story short I figured I would be increasing my gear quite a bit and with what he has done in the past I figured he would agree. However, when o told him what I was running at the time 1200mg Test, 600mg EQ, 300mg Tren he told me to stop the Eq completely cut my test in half and up Tren to 500mg and stay there. Made no sense to me bit, I figured what err I’ll try it.

2 months later I have been right at 250mg of Test and 250mg of Tren every 4 days. Not even 500mg total a week if you take in that is a 8 day period. I am suppose to start 50mg of Anadrol and that’s it. I have upped my calories and really upped my protein and fats mostly and I honestly have continued week in and week out to hit PRs and the scale is even slowly climbing. I finally hit 230 2 days ago with my Squat and Bench steadily climbing. I was told to drop EQ and don’t run it again nor Deca for that matter. In doing so lowering my Test and dipping my Eq completely I have been able to successfully come completely off my BP meds and I feel in general much better. I am using more natural supplements like fish oil which I didn’t use before. I am on 6000mg a day of that and Cq10 and Hawthorne Berry for BP. Have switched up what kind of food I am slightly and even my Cholesterol is better even being on Tren.

I guess I am sharing this to point out that yes mega doses look cool and shit on paper and make people look at you like you are crazy but, I am really starting to see that upping the dose is not always the answer. I relied on these drugs to pick up the slack where I was fucking up… Something I have preached and flamed people on here for time and time again and I guess at the end of the day I was not much better than they were. I am writing this as testiment to the guys on here who have read what I have said and took it to heart. I am sorry for putting ot my crazy cycles and possibly leading guys down a bad road by using “mega doses”. From what I am seeing and experiencing first hand there is no reason to really hit 1000mg of anything in particular. If your only running test with nothing else no orals or anything then sure justify 750-1000mg maybe. But, stacking with something and sitting at that 750mg mark seems to be just as effective.

Good information reed. So, in your opinion, would it make more sense to run multiple compounds at low doses?

I’ve considered this concept as a way to progress inatead of increasing amounts down the road.

I think you’re spot on when talking to 99.9% of people who are trying to reach their goals.

But then you have that 0.1%. The small amount of people that NEED those doses to get where they want to get. You don’t get onto the Olympia stage by running 500mg of gear a week, it just isn’t going to happen. And while EVERYTHING has to be above optimal, the mega doses do have to be there.

This isn’t a dig at all. I think it’s fucking awesome that you’re making progress on lower doses and it goes to show that people shouldn’t rely on doses to carry them. But at the end of the day, it comes down to goals.

[quote]Reed wrote:
It seems in a sport where “normal” BF% are the norm and a shredded look is not a requirement less drugs can be used when overall mass and strength are the main goals.[/quote]

1000% agree with you here. Good to see you feel the same.

Anyways, glad you’ve found a solid coach who seems to have you on the right path towards YOUR goals. Keep us updated.

Heavy Metal Dick, this post makes me very happy. I’m really glad to hear the blood pressure’s under control; that shit WILL kill you!

The only cycles I run now are test + oral. That’s all I’ll ever need.

Heavy Metal Dick (lolol), we all live, fuck up, learn, only to fuck up again and learn even more and then realise how dumb we all are sometimes in the grand scheme of things in our individual quests to be the meanest motherfucker in the valley. And that, in turn, gives us a responsiblity to set those dumber than us at the moment straight so they don’t fuck up too badly and are able to progress faster and hopefully they can teach us a thing or two in the future. This isn’t just about lifting, but life in general. And you are far ahead of your peers(age) in terms of maturity and overall badassness.

Heavy Metal Dick lololol I get a kick just typing the name out hahahaha