Nolvadex Solved Nipple Sensitivity, Not Lump

That is good to hear. Do you recall about how long after cessation of HCG the lumps went away?

At 875iu/wk, it was about 2 weeks until they started to form again (I had gyno removed years ago) and once I stopped they were gone within a week or so, if I remember right

Raloxifene has been shown (from the studies Iā€™ve read) to be a bit more effective at reversing pre-existing gyno but the folks Iā€™ve seen that took it had more noticeable side effects than Tamoxifen.

No. Most people do best on 100mg per week. 200mg weekly is a cycle for most people.

We live in a country where youā€™re free to post whatever you want even if every bit of it is inaccurate. You are also allowed to believe in things that are totally false. You can even state those things on a forum dedicated to TRT & Cycles where literally 95% of people on TRT are doing more than 100mg and 0% are doing 200mg cycles and still somehow believe what youā€™re saying.