Newbie Log: Test E, Drol Dirty Bulk

[quote]morepain wrote:
a painless prop is VERY easy to make…50mg/ml 1%ba 20% BB completely painless unless you have filthy preparation in which case its not the prop its the contamination. Same with TNE. I give up…again…[/quote]
I’ve tried a number of different solvents that are suppose to “neutralize” the pain none of them did anything for me personally. As for lowering the concentration, I see no point, I’d rather just use Test Ace at 100mg/ml which has been next to painless for me when brewed with EO/GSO and 2/20 BA/BB. I run high doses and inject ED on my 2-weekers and prefer to keep injection volume as low as possible when pinning delts and quads (I brew my Tren 150mg/ml, also painless). The speed at which Acetate kicks in and leaves your system also makes it more desirable for 2-weekers, in my opinion.

Anyway, we’re hijacking the thread.

OP: Any updates?

It is nice to see other opinions out there on the pain issue, and test acetate. Injecting 25-50mg ed is the most i can pin without really effecting my walk/leg workout. as of about three days ago i began to inject 25mg ace ed-sounds dumb but every bit counts in my eyes. that jumps my dose from 500mg/week to around 675mg/week.

the drol is still at 75mg ed, i think i might up it to 100mg the last couple days, i have about 10ish days left for the drol, but than again its starting to give its effect around this time(day12) so i may just leave the dose as is…

where do i start… day 10, i did triceps quick before work(15-20mins), and went back after work to nail my legs. my close grip bench was at 185lbs 3x8, and when i got there i decided fck it and tossed on 205lbs-pulled of 3x8. im very happy to see that strength increase, triceps are one of the muscles that i really need to work on. over-head tricep extentions went up 10lbs as well. pumps are great-triceps were verrrry tight and swelled. even my upper lats and chest fluffed up. legs were awesome, last week i squat 225ish for 3-4x8 and as of day 10 i squat 260lbs 4x6, 5th set with 225 for 8 reps. chest was today-holy shit. last week i flat bench pressed 205lbs 3x8, today i did 225 3x8. this friday or saturday im ganna drop that down to 6-8 reps and add a couple more lbs. none of my lifts will drop below 5-6 reps. ive heard of stories about drol.
shoulders are later tonight after work, im getting excited to see my front barbell press.
side effects. hmmm kinda tough actually to pin it down. skin is getting pretty oily-forehead and shoulders mostly. about 10hrs after my first dose (50mg) my face lights up a little-turns pink under my eyes-cheaks get blushy, ears turn kinda red and i heat up start to feel kinda slowed down but solid as hell. yesterday(day 11) i began to feel a little anisocial at work, dont really feel like talking to those dicks. more or less a waist to me. aggression is going good i think lol. my wife noticed i get a little on-edge easier and tend to snap out real quick. basicaly when i do get pissy i say what i need to(lay down the law lol) and move on with my day. the testosterone gives me a feeling of…leadership more than i had before. i mean i never delt with bullshit but when i would get mad id stick on it and id be pissy for awhile. on this cycle, when i get mad it ends quick, i feel very in control. acne is no issue. back pumps are very minimal, come and go but not too bad. bleeding when i blow my nose very from day to day. -lighter days like shoulders/arms its not much of an issue but on like back, legs, and chest days-later in the day when i blow my nose i find spots of blood so bp is up a little. im not checking it at home, it doesnt feel way too high to be worried about it. bloat is very low, i was taking arimadex .5mg eod but i dropped that down to e3d cause i dont want to wipe out too much estrogen. nipples feel fine. my skin got kinda itchy yesterday, not all day but for like an hr or so, and it started the night before-almost like my skin was stretching a little? it was a weird itch throughout my rib area, lower back and stomach. im going to the doc in about two weeks to get some blood work done, see how much of a hit my liver took with the drol and see how everything else is looking. SEX oh my… all i think about is strapping my wife legs around my head haha. i catch my self at work looking over even to the bigger chicks just to see if something interesting will be there (i dont know a nipple or ass crack) and it is getting too annoying by now. its been getting worse and worse since about day 5 or so, but the last couple days i feel like an iron lifting boner. im sure my age doesnt help the fact. my wife had good things to say to me today about last night so im glad its not one-sided. this shit is kicking in nicely. today is day 12, now at 675mg test and 75mg anadrol. ill get on here every 3 days or whatever to give updates on the latest lifts. im up to 172lbs -gained 7lbs. this is another reason im dropping the adex down a little-i should be putting on more water, im sure drinking enough. about 2 gallons/day. the first few days my appetite was really messed up but now its in full gear.

im glad the drol is working out for you, but you may want to leave it at 75mg. when i go up to 100mg i get real anti social, have to pee about 4 times a night, cant sleep at all, anger goes up just a bit, and appetite goes to shit. now that im at 50mg everything is golden

Thanks for your thoughts yo6002, i kept the doase at 75mg.
well a few things have changed in the past week. appitite is up-going great, and sleep as been fine over all. the last few workouts i had were triceps friday-no soreness next day, felt like i didnt even work them out so recovery is awesome. great pumps and contractions, between set recovery is the best part. most days i do a couple extra reps the last set of each workout.

back pumps got very extreme yesterday durring leg workout, very painfull. did 3x8 front squats, and 3x8 reg squats. i suck at front squats but i was able to rep out 185, last time i tried i only had on 135lbs. legs also feel pretty damn solid today-barely tender anywhere just pumped and feel like they’re getting ready for more. i always had a problem with calf raises but the last couple weeks ive been able to add much more weight, and feel the contraction quite well.

headaches are setting in on and off-never really bothers me much. last night is the one complaint i have. slept like crap tossing and turning. prolly only got 5hrs of actual sleep, and woke up feeling like crap. hot and sweaty, hungry but nauseous, and flu like symptoms in my sinus with a weird headach. almost like i was drinking last night.

im very excited to do my chest/shoulders workout tonight. im now incline pressing 205lbs, 4x8, and that use to be my flat bench 3x8. im wondering how much power i may or may not have gained in the past few days.

body weight is up again, im now up to 176lbs, today is day 18 and i have roughly 2-3 days left on anadrol. pretty impressed with it, im sure ill be stacking it again sometime.

i think i might take pics again, like every 30 day update pics. i feel im adding size, some kid at work randomly asked me what sup’s i take cause im fuckin huge, i dont believe im huge-but yes quite a bit bigger than him. a good friend of mine i work, and workout with says im blowing up. and suprisingly i still have deffinition, and veins which ive read that drol is an ugly bulk, not in my case i guess. im taking in roughly 4000 cals per day. some days more. 200-240g protein, 350-450g carbs, 100-120g fat

this cycle is going great up to this point, side effects: aggression is kicked up a little bit, oily skin is up, blood preasure seems good, one concern, i am not sure if its in my head or maybe getting irritated from me toying with it, but my left nipple is starting to feel slightly tender, and maybe puffy but its hard to say. having pierced nipples doesnt help cause every once in a while they become irritated for shit rubbing at them and stuff. im ganna keep an eye on it. i plan to set an appointment with my doc to get blood work soon

alright guys, today is day 21. day day 19 was my last day with drol and there’s a few things new but much is the same.

yesterday day 20, i seemed pretty pissy. no reason really just wanted to be left alone at work-didnt want Joe over there to come by me acting like a retard like always to get a smile. most days i feel kinda crabby i can play it off nicely; when people say “hay how’s it goin?” i can reply “oh im doin good, not too bad” with no guilt of saying i feel the opposite. not yesterday haha. stay the fuk away from me, im having a cranky day, just want my paycheck and some boobs in my face when i get home. but as the night went on i cooled down a bit, people saw i was feeling rough and wasnt talking unless it was needed, saw it help having people just back off. (im not at all saying this was roid rage btw, i *think my body/mood tweaked out from the anadrol levels dropping out, and it took i minute to adapt to the change. its all about self control-which is why my mouth stayed shut)

training update, chest is quite powerfull. bench pressed 225 3x10, for those who dont know the difference i started out with like 190lbs 3x8, went up to 205lbs 3x8 which was my last best, then up to 225 3x8. incline is still at 205lbs 3-4x8, prolly did go up a little but not sure cause i do flat bench before incline and it swells me chest well.
shoulder presses are up. was at 155lbs 5x5, now am at 165 5x5 and getting easy so im ganna change it up to 4x6-8 next week.
back night was last night!!! holy shit-sycle. bent rows are at 215lbs 4x10. added another 10lbs and im confident i could have done most of that with 12reps. im using straps btw. slow and controled rows not bouncing my butt or hoping with it. squeezing nice and tight. reverse grip pulldowns were at 175lbs 3x10, and are now at 195lbs 3x8. i did not to deadlifts which pissed me off(i decided to pin my right quad knowing the acetate is painfull and knocked it out a bit. all my other pinning areas have adapted well to the injections, as if i popped my cherry you may say.)

side effects
my hunger is up and down. yesterday it was kinda low but today its more than it was before-may be a good thing cause my metab is confused and eats up all the extra calories it can when my appetite is up.
nose bleeds dont happen, acne is very ninimal-started tanning as of last night to help nuke those little bastards. night sweats came last week but stopped, last night’s night sweats were bad ass haha my wife tried to sleep as far as possible away from me. as if i hopped out of the tub still wet into bed. it was nasty. i think the tanning may have had part in that.
nipple issue-i was right it WAS early stages of boobies. i take .5mg adex e3d, that way my supply lasts all cycle and i also thought that i was doing great while doing it e2d so i tappered down a bit. well i took 40mg nolva yesterday and the day before and it took care of the swelling(couldnt see it) and the pain is almost completely non existant today. im taking 20mg nolva ed until pct then running 40/40/20/20 like planned. adex is still .5mg e3d along side the nolva. -anyone have a better way of handling my estrogen control please do advise me.

for those wondering, i added a weight gainer shake to my daily diet to increase everything ‘on’ cycle pretty much right after i began. the shake is ON’s seriouse mass. good stuff. one scoop am, one scoop pm before training. i also do the raw egg thing with my isolate and milk shakes durring the day. works well and is fast. one scoop isolate, 3 eggs, and 14oz milk. got a blender throw in pb otherwise suck it up and add olive oil;) tonight is tricep/bicep day and im super duper pumped to blast these. ill update again in a couple days. new pics coming soon, thinking every 30-40 days post new ones.

log: today is day 26 ‘on’ currently taking 250mg test enth e3d, and 50mg test ace ed = about 850mg/week test. also taking .5mg adex e3d, and 10mg nolva ed.

well i gained a total of 13lbs now, i weigh 178 and am looking a bit different, strength is through the roof.

last couple workouts hmmm. chest day was day 24, i bench pressed 235lbs 4x8. so the differnece here is last week i did 225lbs 4x10, and before the cycle i was benching 190 3x8. power’n them out like crazy. the weight feels heavy but i dont hit the sticking points…kinda just floats up. superior control with the heavier weights also. incline pressed with 80lb db, 4x8. and did incline flyes with 65lb db 1x6, then dropped down to 60lb db 2x8. weighted dips with a 35lb kettle ball chained around my neck, 3x8. huge pumps, now i know what the test pumps are all about.

shoulders day was yesterday, day 25. last week i was doing seated front shoulder presses with 165lbs, 5x5. last night i did 165lbs 3x8. next week ill be going for 4x10 with 165lbs. side raises are up 5lbs, doing 45lbs db 3x8, real lateral side raises are up 5lbs also-doing 3x8 with 40lb db. shrugs are getting eeaassssyyyyy, doing 4x10 with 275, next week im going up to 300lbs and doing 4x6.

the drol put some sick power and weight on fast, and the test is keeping it all, and some. hardened up and im looking pretty meaty for my height. shoulders and arms are filling out nice. had to buy new pants. was wearing size 30x30 bootcut and now need 32x30 loose streight leg. -waist is like 31 but to make room i need a 32 now. damn…quads are growing. lats are the best, ive had pretty good lats before but they are getting really nice now. chest is bigger, sits higher and the outer peck near arm pit is much more pronounced. lower pecks are become shelves. even my calves are noticably thickened. ive had 4 people in the last month ask what im on, what my protein shakes consist of(cals/carbs) and if i do this for fun or do i compete. so my visible gains are obviously comming on strong.

pics and blood test info comming soon. bi’s/tri’s tonight, back next day, then legs. so ill be back around the weekend to update again.

so are u off the drol

alright guys, today is day 21. day 19 was my last day with drol and there’s a few things new but much is the same.”

“log: today is day 26 ‘on’ currently taking 250mg test enth e3d, and 50mg test ace ed = about 850mg/week test. also taking .5mg adex e3d, and 10mg nolva ed.”

log update: Day 29

the strength just keeps comming, i almost cant believe it…like night and day difference. this is sweet-cause most say test e kicks in around the 4-5th week. i frontloaded so it kicked in a little sooner but damn, its in full gear not just kicked in.

so bi’s/tri’s, went great. nothing really changed with these body parts quite yet, but holding onto the strength from the drol. pumps are getting better and the contractions for my biceps are much better. like lazer focus. increased my preacher db curls by 5lbs, 35lbs to 40lbs, 4x8. and also my concentration curls increased by 5lbs, 30lbs up to 35lbs, 4x8. triceps im using same weight as last weeks but doing sets of 12 instead of 8-10. adding weight next week and dropping to sets of 8 again.

back day was one of the most impressive. rows are still at 4x10 with 215lbs. but DL’s are up, was doing only 235lbs 3x8 and now im doing 275lbs 3x8, 4th set did 10 reps. pretty damn happy. pullups are easy as hell, doing 4x10 slowly-after gaining 13-14lbs body weight. pre-cycle i couldnt do pullups for sets like that, id do like 8, 6, 6, 5 or something close to this example.

legs are going well also. squats went up 5lbs, so now im at 265lb 4x8. very controlled, no sticking points, knees dont wiggle in or out, ass to the grass, i would say very good form. easy as hell compared to like 2 weeks ago doing 260lbs-last set i almost got stuck at last rep or two. leg curls are up 20lbs and hams are getting a very huge, scary pump. i was almost worried they would snap . got off the leg curl machine and took like 2 steps and bam…they pumped up like balloons not just a tight feeling either, a full blown pump like biceps.

today my friend envited me over to check out his gym he set up and decided hell ill have a fuk around day, but not a serious workout cause its my day off. increased my flat bench from 235lbs to 245lbs and did 2x8 with little thought, then tossed on 265lbs and did 4 reps(calling it quits here) so im very confident this next week’s chest workout ill be doing 4x8 with 245lbs. -will be a 10lb increase since last week.

side effects: none really…aggression is up slightly but im learning to manage it pretty well. libido is still flying high. got a few patches of backne but went away by the next day/night. oily skin. appetite is up more. back pumps only come durring squats-but not too bad. nipples are feeling fine, estrogen is under control. mornings are slow for me but once the day begins im energetic and cant be stopped. feeling very in control and good sense of confidence/well being. im loving the 850mg/week test dose.

ps, the testosterone acetate is working very well, no complants with its potency or half life, and can deffinetly tell the difference after adding the 350mg test ace to the 500mg test e.

Alright guys, its been awhile here’s some updates; same dose test, winged off the nolva. i am no longer taking it and its been about 5 days without it and my nipples feel fine, libido’s great. TODAY is day 38 on.

weight is the same, 178ish, kinda gay but the strength is still going up, im going to increase calories again, thinking of pushing my protein from roughly 200-22o to around 275g and see if this helps. im also increasing carbs-was taking in about 400, more some days. ill be uping that to around 500g a day.

chest workouts are getting better and better, im doing 4x8 with 245, and last friday i did 255 for a set of 8 so in the next week or two ill be trying out 4x8 with 255.
deadlifts are up, was doing 275lbs 3-4x8, now im doing 300lbs 4x6. rows and pulldowns are the same but getting much easier so ill be adding weight this week. pullups arent a thing anymore lol, very easy. doing 4,5,6 set of 8.
arms are going well, havent moved weight up since the last time but its getting much easier and im feeling much better contractions in both the biceps and triceps so ill be adding weight to those lifts this week also.
legs im still squat’n 265, 4x8 and will be moving that up to 275lbs and see how it goes this week.

my cycle ends somewhere around july 14th or so, i will be stacking in my SD clone m-drol in the next 2ish weeks and that will pack on some more mass, and increase my appetite very well-i would personaly compare SD to anadrol, but SD makes me feel much more lethargic. SD is better for appetite IMO. so im excited to start the addition of mrol, i havent stacked it with test before, cause this is my first run with test. im expecting to gain an easy 12lbs from the mdrol.

side effects; i got a few pimples on both cheak bones, and i got like 2 pimples on my right bicep. skin is oily, aggression is controlable. no estrogen issues, sex is goooood.

i did catch some kind of cold bug. coughing, sneeze, nose is all messed up. but it doesnt effect my workouts. maybe this is partially the reason i havent gained weight in the past week.

wow it did post, these pics and video will be deleted soon-i couldnt edit out my face and i dont need it floating around on the internet

lights didnt help show much on my ticeps but whatever, shows my back thickness is comming in nice, lats are growing down alittle lower

haha by the way, for those thinking “what the f#%@?! bending steel with jeans on??” this was a late night fck around workout-just a quick pump, 2x12-15, 2 excercises per bodypart, chest, bicep, tricep. back was kinda tender from DL’s so i didnt mess with it for a pump, no legs cause of the jeans.

Log: Today is day 47 on cycle-wednesday.

All has been going well, back is getting thicker. Strength hasnt increased much more this past week. Bi’s and tri’s are doing great, my alternated bicep curls went up from 50lbs ea 4x8 to 50lbs ea 4x12. I’ll be adding weight to them this week.

Triceps i havent noticed much increase in strength since last week, just a lot better squeeze/contraction, really good slow control. My chest has been doing great, havent increased weight yet, but will be. Legs are the biggest increase so far, next to chest.

I was front squat’n only 185lbs 3x8 like 2-3 weeks ago, and last night i did 135lbs x 8 reps, 155lbs x 8, 175lbs x 8, 195lbs x 8, 205lbs x 10 reps. So thats 5 sets(first set warm up) and worked up to 205x10 which is awesome for me seeing that front squats are fairly more difficult than reg squats, and also concidering that before this cycle i was doing like 205lb 3x8 reg squats.

**Now the big problem for this cycle. On Monday, day 45 on, i was front shoulder pressing 175lbs-not a new weight for me, and at the top possition as i locked out some how my left tilted to the back a little too far and my left shoulder dislocated. I was doing this seated with pins in the rack.

Once the loud pop happened and i saw my shoulder pop back towards my shoulder blade and watched that side of the weight shift down i realzed what happened, nearly shitting my pants, and tried to lower the weight. I couldnt just drop the weight cause it was possitioned like an X above my head and would have landed right on me.

Well, once i unlocked my elbows my left shoulder started popping like bubble rap and popped itself back into place and at that point i was able to control the left shoulder enough to toss the barbell behind my body.

This happened at 1:30am so the next morning i went in to see the doc and he gave me an x-ray(pointless) and ordered me for Physical Therepy. Told me to take it easy-no heavy lifting for easily 2-4 weeks or otherwise told by PT.

So im quite pissed off-kinda depressed this has happened to me… It seems to be doing ok-i wont be lifting shit(chest work or shoulders) for easily the next week and im hoping that it will allow me to at least do light light high rep(like 15-20 slow reps) for shoulder work, and light chest work. Hopefully in a couple weeks-maybe three this whole thing will kinda go away, but it might be awhile.

I started my m-drol(SD) monday morning. So today is day 3 with it added to my testosterone. I have one more testosterone injection left-in two days. I have about 4 weeks left on cycle and i dont want to put it to waist due to injury, but i also want to heal well so it doesnt fuck me in pct and after. So ill take it easy at this point and listen to my body.

As for how the m-drol is, no bullshit i felt the first dose-felt tensed up and noticed my skin color went a little pink. Today being day 3 im feeling the pumps come in. I love SD, it works very well with me and im hoping i can use it well despite my shoulder trouble.

I had a great squat day last night and the barbell on my front shoulders didnt hurt my left shoulder really at all, so my legs are still up for training, and like i said earlier-my upper body will hoefully be able to work with lighter weight until the pain simmerz down.

log: today is Sunday, Day 51, weight is 180-181lbs fairly solid, low water retention. not as dirty of a bulk as i expected.

This past Thursday i did a bi/tri workout. straight barbell curls are up to 115lb, sets of 8,10,10,12. This is great for me because i think the highest i’ve gone here was 105lbs and only for 4 sets of 6-8. Alternated seated curls went from 50lbs ea. 4x8 to 55lbs ea. 4x8-leaned into it a little bit but wasnt much rocking so i count it as a weight increase-they were good reps. concentration curls went from 35lbs ea. to 40lbs ea. 3x8. my biceps peak is getting pretty nice. they are standing taller and wider. they are getting a nice little split down the middle and the heads are showing great. they grew very much in the past 4 weeks. i still wish i did pre-cycle measurements. i did measurements of everything after my m-drol cycle awhile back so at the end ill compare my post cycle measurements to the m-drol cycle’s.
Triceps i did cable work only to save my left shoulder-trying to let that shit-head heal up. i did one-handed pushdowns with 70lbs 4x10-12, rope pushdowns with 140lbs(spreading out all the way and holding it as i locked out) 4x12, and reverse-grip pushdowns(one-handed) with 60lbs 4x10. Once my shoulder gets a little better I’ll add the weight back on and drop those reps down to 8-10. although with all my excersizes, once every week and a half or so i like to switch it up and do a nice pump workout using reps of 12.

Lastnight, saturday, I did a pump workout for my upper chest and lats. i left them alone after that accident on monday with my shoulder, and i fear that if i dont at least get the muscle contracting and get the blood to pump i might loose some of the mass in my chest/back areas. My shoulder has been doing very well lately-very little pain and only if i reach it back(rear delt). My chest and back have been bagging me to work them out, especially with the SD in my system so well at this point it gets an instant pump just thinking about workoing out. So i hit those bastards up lastnight, everything was on the smith machine to minimize a shoulder issue:
incline Smith bench press i started out a warm up with 100lbs for 25 slow reps, then put on 185lbs for 15 reps. then i did 205 for 2x12, and then did 225 for a set of 12. this is pretty good for me but not to big of a change from the past chest workout(free weight incline 205 3-4x8). My shoulder did not show any weekness so this is a plus. I then went on to do some reverse grip(underhand) rows on the smith machine. i did 4x12 with 225lbs slowly and squeezing. pretty happy with that. free weight i do 215lbs 4x8. after rows i did shrugs with the smith machine(using straps) i loaded 300lbs and did 3x12. and then i called it a night. free weight shrugs i did 275lbs 3-4x10-12 last time, i dont exactly remember off hand.

So even with the shoulder slip last week, im off to a fast recovery and it seems no seriouse injuries in there happened. im going to continue taking it slowly but im feeling very confident right now. no more testosterone injections for the rest of this cycle. i stopped the enth and test ace so i now have 3 weeks left of m-drol 20mg ED. i plan to gain another 10lbs from the m-drol, so my goal of 190lbs total gains is realistic, and i plan to go back down to around 180-182 after PCT. As of now Im very very happy with my first injectable cycle i started out at a dry 165lbs and am now at 180-181 with more to come.

Side Effects: hunger is wayyyyy up due to the SD. estrogen is doing ok, nipples got kinda funky again-a little tender so i started the nolva again @ 10mg ed. i will stop the nolva within this next week. im under the impression the adex i have is old, and i have only .5mg left so either way that shit is done for with this cycle. next time around I’ll buy the adex myself not get it off a freind. oil-ahhh this is increased a little more. not horrible. acne is up a little. my biceps, and shoulders are getting a few more but not huge nasty ones with puss-looks more like a little rash comming on. my back only has a few zits. aggression is doing just fine. hair loss doesnt seem to be an issue-that i notice. night sweats come and go, but here in wisconsin its warming up in summer so that could be a part of it. no big side effects at all. this is going pretty damn smooth. i cant say how impressed and happy i am with this first run.

Im reading on stuff, preparing for another cycle im hoping to begin this winter-like December. im thinking test e @ 250mg EOD and adding in some tren ace around weeks 4-10, 10-12 week cycle. or doing a series of 2 weekers with prop, dbol, and tren, mix 'n matching differently each 2weeks ‘on’ -total of 5 or 6 two weekers ‘on’. im leaning toward the 2 weekers as this will give me a great opportunity to play with both tren, and dbol for the first time without messing up a big cycle. plus 2 weekers sound quite fun and i look up to mr. Roberts. But this is all for another post sometime down the road, just some thoughts in my mind:)

Log: day 54

Things are going well. Appetite is way up. M-drol is doing its job, looking a little bit more ripped, i feel more dry. eating much more frequent which is sweet cause now it can fuel what the test is doing for mass, also SD is great for mass so the stack is going exactly how i wanted.

Did a back workout on day 52, monday. Went very well. Awesome pumps, strong as hell. My forarms and bi’s got the biggest pump durring my rows but my back was getting pretty damn thick. Worked my way up to 225lbs for 8 reps. This is pretty good-when i was taking the anadrol i made my way up to 215lbs for sets of 8-10 so this shows my strength steadily increases and will continue to. My cycle ends July 14th so if my math skills are up to par i have like 21 days left.

Did legs last night, Im now front squating 225lbs 3x8 after my warm up with 185lbs for 15 reps. i do front squats on the smith machine to help with the ballance issue on my delts. Free weight i can only front squat like 195lbs 4x8 do to the bar on the delts. This shows my front squats went up, last week i believe i was doing like 4x12 with 205lbs, i want to work up to sets of 12 with 225lbs.

Tonight I’m going to hit up a full chest workout and see how my shoulder does. I will start off with a few warm up sets for each excercise and gradualy increase the plates until i get to my target weight-then I’ll do like 3 sets with the target weight. so I’ll prolly total like 5-6 sets each- for flat bench, incline bench, and flyes. depending how it goes I’ll prolly mess around a little bit and do some other chest work

Today I upp’d my Testosterone Acetate dose to 100mg ED. It’s been 7 days since my last enth injection so i think its time to up the ace to 100mg ed. I will stay on 100mg ed for the next 20 days along side the 20mg ed mdrol. i have 10ml @ 200mg/ml test ace so it will last me exactly 20 days at 700mg/wk. worked out well.

I’ll be back on in a few days to update how the test ace is treating me and how far the mdrol is taking me.
My current weight as of yesterday is 182lbs. 54 days ago i was at only 165.

Side effects-none really besides oily skin, and acne started on my shoulder/bicep. Mainly the left bicep. Looks more like a rash or something but im starting to become a little self-concious only because I’ve never had acne in those areas before and in the last 2 months i blew up 20lbs so it’s quite obviouse to anyone that knows about anabolics that i might just be doing something. But quite honestly i dont give two shits lol. Im the one gaining and running it successfully. I feel no guilt taking anabolics, I feel like im better. The M-Drol is causing me to feel slightly lethargic-kinda tired and crapped out but the test increase will help. Plus more carbs always helps with that as well.

After doing the test and anadrol, does the mdrol feel effective?

Good question lover95,
No the M-drol did not feel very effective like i was hoping for. The Test over powered, and the Drol is haha you know, the Bomb. I only got another 2lbs from adding the M-drol, i stopped it at around 17days. It didnt do ANYTHING for me strength wise, just made me feel like shit.
Drol is much better in terms of the shit feeling and being slowed down. M-drol was good for appetite and appetite only. And that didnt last too long either.

I’m weighing at 182-183 right now, I still have 7 days left on cycle. I switched over to testosterone prop, and ditched the test ace, Same dose @ 100mg ED. The test ace doesnt seem to have a great advantage besides its in and out fast. prop is the better choice-as said to me on page 1 of this log.

I will give a more detailed update on this log as soon as i can, in the next few days. I moved and its a pain in the ass at this time. but things are going great. shoulder’s g2g and strength is perfect. i hate the thought of comming off and going through pct:( I will be getting together some post cycle pics within the next week i’d say.

Ok here’s a more in-depth log update, the final update.
Today is day 1 for PCT, Nolva @ 40/40/20/20. Frontloaded day 1-40mg am, 20mg pm.

All my lifts have been going pretty smooth, strength is still increasing slowly. Like said earlier the M-Drol did not have much of an impact, It did not increase my body weight anymore like i hoped for.

Body weight started at 165lbs, and ended at 181lbs. Im seeing way more veins, and cuts. much more detail. My quads even have veins spreading over them and I’ve never had quads like now. I’m very happy with my total gains in size and power. My legs were my top priority for this cycle, and it all fell together nicely.

Side effects were minimal; I am getting a little acne right now, still. mostly in my biceps areas and a few on the back, a couple on the chest near my shoulders. nips got a little gyno lump-mostly the left, but it is not very large at all and is not visible at all. The boys look fine, shrunk size a little but not too dramatic. Agression went up but its controlable.

All in all this cycle went very well for me. I could’ve made it easier in a few different ways but at the end it all worked out.

To re-cap it all I did:
500mg test e, with test ace-the test ace dose went up and down for a week or two there, then ultimately i dosed it at 700mg/wk (i think, id have to look back) total test e and test ace, I ran the test for 10wks and 3 days-started may 1st.
For the first 18 days i believe, i ran Anadrol starting at 50mg/day for like 3 days then upped that to 75mg/day. for the last 3 weeks i stacked M-drol, and took out the test ace to replace it with test prop-700mg/wk.

My bench went from 190ish for 8 to 255 for 8
squats: from 225x8 to 280x10
DL’s: 245x8 to 300x8
rows:195x8 to 225x10
barbell curls: 95x8 to 120x10
close-grip bench: 175x8 to 205x10

basically everything went up by 20-60lbs easily, within the first 6 weeks and slowly kept or increased til week 9 or so.

I started DC training a week and a half ago to change things up and im loving it so far. its something new to me. I’ll be keeping up with it for my 4 week pct and 4 weeks after that, then I’ll do the cruise for 2 weeks and do another 8 week DC blast.

Im getting pics together today and will post asap. biggest changes are my quads, tri’s, back, and chest rounded up. even my calves have added a little size so im happy about that as well.

My next cycle will either be test/tren/dbol or test/npp/dbol

Half-ass most muscular. Shout out your judgement