New product suggestion...

…Sleeveless shirts. You currently have a line of short-sleeved tee shirts with the various product logos and symbols. Sleeveless are all the rage these days because one can show off one’s shoulders to all the babes in the gym.

You should develop a line of sleeveless shirts, suitable for working out, made of those quick-drying polyester or other synthetic microfiber blends. I’m suggesting the normal, loose-fitting style, not the lycra-tight fit.

A jet black polyester sleeveless (not tank top, but sleeveless) with the bold, yellow “Testosterone” printed across it would make a nice conversation piece in the gym. And, it would attract chicks.

You’d have to have to charge, like, 30-bucks for these things (because your cost for the poly blend materials would probably be a lot more that what you’re paying for the cotton tees). But, they’d only be a small part of your clothing line, and I think you’d sell out. Thanks.