New Guy Seeking Advice

[quote]eepapporkahah wrote:
so im in the pct part of my second cycle. cycle #1 i used test 250 cyp and tren ace200

twice a week for 8 weeks then my pct was from gnc. so i lost a good amount of the gains.

this time i have plained better i have nolvadex and clomid for pct. the gear i used was

equipoise300 test400 for 8 weeks 1cc of each 2 times a week.

im 34years old 6ft4in 265lbs i havent gained a bunch of weight this time but the weight

changes greatly. i work out 5 days a week 5am-7am my waist is down from 38 inchs to

under 34 i added cardio into my work out plain. i eat like a horse noodles rice meat

meat meat protine drinks creatine monohydrate flax seed fish oil n2o plus a preworkout.

my question is i want to kick my next cycle up a little bit. i can get all the names u

tend to hear about. equipoise deca susts all the tests plus pill steriods n pct. i want

to saftly do a mass building cycle. any ideas on what would be a good combo? i hope its

ok starting a thread asking this. i have read lots of articles and they never seem to

fit my body type age exc.

question number 2 is the test 400 is a blend of 6 different tests the test 250 i used

was cypinate the 250 seemed to be stronger.

                           thanks new guy[/quote]

What are you using to pin yourself? What gauge syringe?