Need some help guys

To be honest, i dont like working out, but i always made it to the gym and trained my ass off. So i could look good. My goal is to look like one of those calvinklein models. Lately my boss has been piling on the work. It makes it hard to workout,work, and take care of basically i wanted to know what kind of workout i should follow. (e.i) exercises,sets,reps, amount of days i should work out. I would be very apreciative.

Read the previous issues of this mag. Start with number one.

Calvin Klein??? What? First off your goals suck… go for the Incredible Hulk, if you end up looking like a “Calvin Klein Model” than at least you will apear motivated. If you go for an “A” you may settle for a “B”, if you go for a “B” you may settle for failure.

If you dont like working out then you will never get the results you want from weight training. Getting results comes down to passion, entusiasm and wanting it.

It shouldn’t be too difficult getting that type of shape. They’re very lean but also very small. Where are you at in terms of weight, bodyfat %? You probably aren’t concerned with losing some muscle since Calvin Klein models generally don’t have much. Your best bet would be lifting, 3x week, sets of 10-12 reps at a challenging weight (no light weight crap). Superset agonist/antagonist muscles w/ 30-60 seconds rest between exercises to keep your metabolism high, example Chest and Bi’s, or Chest and Back on one day, Quads and Hams superset another, etc. For Cardio either running for 30-45min, 3-4 days a week. Diet would be very high protein, low carbs (except greens, and post-workout carbs) and low fat, except for supplementing some EFA’s. I personally dont share your goal like most others on this site but i’m not one to judge, everyone has their own goals so good luck. Let us know when we’ll be seeing u on the CK billboard in NY.

your diet makes the difference whether you want to be massive or just cut. If I were you, I would do the GVT 2000 (found in this mag), and go with the Chanko diet. You said your boss is making you busy. If that’s the case, go for the MRP diet. Sip on an MRP drink every few hours and eat a regular meal when you go home. You probably would want to take an ephedrine supplement to burn off the fat as well as curp your cravings.

i mean one of those CK underwear models. those guys are built and very cut.