My Labs 2 Years on TRT

Ok. I do want a way to bring prolactin down . Is there a reason to bring it down if prolactin is slightly above.

I would not worry about it since you are not only asymptomatic, but feeling really good. Also, it is not very high. I have ordered MRI, and found, microadenoma, in guys with very slightly elevated levels. But, other hormones were so trashed I was suspicious of pituitary failure and running down a cause. Maybe try B6?

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P5P seemed to work for me. I can’t say for sure it was that, but after taking P5P for a few months I got the only “normal” prolactin test I’ve ever had. It had always been anywhere from barely over range to around 2x high normal previously.

So other than the numbers did it have any benefits?


Hey @dextermorgan giving my son ashwagandha for anxiety and better focus in this case would you give in the morning or the evening ? He does not need it for sleep.

I saw previous post that you made about it so I figured I’d ask you. Thank you.
By the way it’s the youth theory brand which has KSM 66 extract.

Being he’s only 15 I’d rather give him just 300 mg extract which is one capsule . It also has 200mg of the root powder. So total 500.

Just updating my thread.
I’m a little fed up with my belly bloat I think it’s a mixture of water retention and gastro issues.

So I’m going to remove metformin which I can easily do cuz I’m not taking it for diabetes. Then I will reassess in about a week or two. I already cut out my multivitamin.
and then if that doesn’t help the issue I’m going to lower my dose from 130 mg a week maybe down to like 100 or 110.

Lets see it. Maybe its all in your head? :smiley:

With all due respect, is it possible you just need to be leaner? I mean you know your body better so if you say its abnormal for you then no one can argue but it doesnt look out of place on your overall body.

Yes. Can lose some fatv there.

I took an over-the-counter diuretic and looks better today. So definitely some water retention cuz my weight fluctuates about 6 lb during the week

Well thats something unless you tell me that you eat ramen several times a week or some other high sodium food.

The diuretic may be removing water that needs to be there…

The combination of gastro (like gas) , fat, maybe water retention, it can look quite big at times. Metformin could be the culprit. Since I don’t need it am stopping that first.

It’s possible because of the weight fluctuation that I need to inject less to get a lower peak. Lower dose is my last resort.
I remember @unreal24278 stating that testosterone can mess up the electrolytes balance which can cause water retaining if I remember correctly

Am basically just experimenting cause I feel good otherwise.

I also restarted cardio. This could be it. Cause I stopped for months. Makes me sweat that excess liquid perhaps

Its always a god damned puzzle with these bodies.

Also @NH_Watts wife was on Bupropion. Lost about 10 pounds. But she thinks it’s from less calories. I think what gave her more energy and better mood is a huge discussion/putting foot down. She changed her sedentary life style after this. Is more active, happier, and more and better sex.
I do think the medicine increased hey libido a bit.

Good news is I read about ozempic for weight loss. Dr is on board and prescribed. She should see a good amount of weight come off with this according to the study that just came out.

Well thats great for her regardless of how she needs to interpret it. And I be she feels better. The bupropion, when it works well, is just uplifting and leveling. Im not sure if it actually has any hunger control so you are probably right. Hell even doing a few extra chores around the house will burn a bunch of extra cals and keep you from eating while you are doing them. Chores dont seem so bad when you are in a good mood!

Yeah I have been seeing the news on semaglutide. Seems like a winner. Slows down digestion, lowers blood sugar, AND crushes your appetite! Thats great news.

I had Psychotropic testing done because I was wasting a lot time trying diff shit that didnt work. Im on max dose bupropion and I probably feel about 5% of what I should but he cant up it obv. Anyway, turns out I am an ultra rapid metabolizer of any drug that hits the CYP2D6 enzyme for metabolism (most SSRIs, NDRIs, SNRIs, and amphetamines). Explains why Adderall and others did nothing. Ive had success for wakefulness with Armodafinil over the last month. Doesnt wire me but keeps me from yawning and keeps me awake for the full 12 hours at least. So now doc is taking me off of bupropion and putting me onto an SNRI called Venlafaxine to try to give my mood a little lift. He thinks a low dose will be enough considering my genetic tests. I should be starting that next week as I ween off of the bupro.

Keep me posted on your wife (and you obv). I know you have been pulling for her for years.

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Tsh is fine, no reason to stress. are you dieting atm?

No special diet.
I did start 30mg armour though.

I want to try this too but it’s so much $$. Is your insurance covering it?

Yeah. No prior approval required either with mine.

Like $50 co-pay for two pens and then there’s a manufacturer coupon and went down to $25.

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I found 300mg of real legit ksm-66 did more than 1800mg of an Amazon brand that had thousands of good reviews. Nootropics is the first word followed by Depot.

I’d take it in the morning. It takes 2-4ish weeks of taking it consistently to start really feeling any benefit. Ksm-66 is one of the only natural supplements I’ve taken that I could really tell did something. I’ve had several other folks say they felt great on it as well.

Is ksm-66 different than regular old ashwagandha?