My First Cycle

Sides from one cycle only should be less than from 20 cycles, right? And all i want is like 5 kg of muscle, and if i can get that with one cycle, i dont need the second one.

Well u say they wont dissapear till Christmas, but what bout in 2-3 yrs?

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gains made from aas generally can only be kept with aas usage…

you may be able to hold onto them for a while, but they will all fade eventually. [/quote]

Really? I didn’t know that. So once I start AAS, I’ll have to stay on it forever?


Well, think about it. AAS will get you above your natural limit, which your body cannot hold on forever, bacause well, they are unnatural gains. So, you have to do another cycle not only to gain more, but to keep the old gains. Short cycles would work like a charm in this scenario.[/quote]

To be honest-first time i here smth like this. I always read how ppl keep most of the gains after cycles with good pct, diet and training.

Do you have any link or article?[/quote]

no, but I have a ton of feedback from people who have experienced what im talking about.

Real world experience > studies

if you are not at your natural limit (or even close), chances are good your diet and training are not on point… so what makes you think you could do a cycle and keeps un-natural gains if you can’t even progress naturally? [/quote]

I have been reading these days a lot about experience of ppl taking steroids, and honestly im confused totally. A lot of ppl claim that if ur nutrition and pct are right u will keep a lot of your gains, provided that u r not close to ur max natutlral potential.

On the other side, i read a lot of posts how ppl lost all gains from cycles (even just test e cycle) evetho they nutrition and pct were spot on.

Im in dilema whether to do my cycle at all, whats the point…[/quote]

You guys crack me up sometimes.

Why don’t you try your one cycle and write us back at Christmas to tell you still have your gains.


Look you probably will do fine if you eat good and continue to workout. One cycle usually isn’t worth risking the sides so just stick to eating good and working out.

But anyway: