Muscle Group Training Split

Upon finding this website (after 7 months of searching) I have decided to completely drop my endurance training workouts for the long term goal of becoming a T-MAN. Because I know only endurance training, I must get help from the T-Peeps.

I would like some advice on what muscle groups to train on a 4 or 5 day split.

And what about Cardio…do or don’t?

I’ve deleted the a total of 14 strength training links off of my browser and will now use Testosterone only in hopes that I too will gain some muscle with attitude.

Any and all advice from all of you T-Peeps would be greatly appreciated.


Ahh new to t-mag. I remember what that is like so I will give you some friendly advice. READ THE SITE. If I were you I would start with the FAQ as that will get you started on a program and diet. Then start at the first issue and read up to the current one you will then have a bit of knowledge but all the while you will be trying different things to find what works for you. This is especially important to you as a masochist oh I mean endurance athlete. Good luck.

Thanks. I’ve read most of the articles (I’ve been reading through the site for about 7 weeks, just started posting in the forum). I was hoping for someone with experience to give me a very basic outline. I want to start off the right way from the beginning. If you don’t have the time, that’s alright. I’d like to add about 15 pounds of lean muscle tissue. I’m 5’8" 130 pounds.

My favorite (and current) split:

Monday-Chest/Back (light day)
Thursday–Back, Biceps, Forearms (heavy day)
Friday–Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (heavy day)

one ex. per body part 3x’s a week, start w/ three sets of each when you stop growing go to 2 sets, when you stop growing again go to go to 1 set, when you stop growing again go to 2 work out per week, by then you’ll be 40lb’s bigger so just SMILE

Concentrate on getting stronger in the big multi-joint (compound) exercises (squats, deads, chins, bench, etc) rather than isolation excercises such as tricep kickbacks, etc which are a waste of time to a beginner.

The following split worked very well for me: -

Monday: Flat bench, dips, military press, upright rows Wednesday: Squats, stiff-legged deads, calves Friday: Chins, rows, curls

Always seek to increase the weight you’re lifting but maintain correct form. Eat big, get plenty of rest and forget cardio for a while.

If you make progress - excellent, if you don’t - eat more and rest more, you could try dropping one or to of the less important exercises (military press, calves, curls).

This worked very well for me, good luck mate.

Thank you everyone. I’ll begin Monday morning…

NO CARDIO? God, I’m so used to running…gotta get big…eat…lift…or DIE.

Sorry for the drama (been 130 lbs my whole life and don’t like it).

Hypothetical situation:
You are 23, work full time to pay your bills and pay for college so you have very limited extra cash.

If you could only afford one weight lifting supplement what would you buy?

Creatine? Protein shakes? Andro?

Without a doubt, protein shakes or protein powder and make your own shakes.

Thanks…Whey protein is supposed to be the best, right?

protien, but I don’t think whey is always the best, I think for a lot of people the blends are better. IF you can constantly get protien into your body whey is best, but if you have to go more than 4hrs w/o protien the blends (whey w/ casein,egg albumen,ect) may work better for you. good luck

Thanks again.