Muscle Clamps

for sale.

I thought I would try here before I head over to ebay. I have 3 pairs (used- bout 2-3 months)of muscle clamps. They go for around 30-40/pair brand new. IM me if your interested and we can work something out.


What are those use for…?

U perv

you got XXL?

I hear many people in Japan get muscle clamps. Especially if they don’t drink enough water.

I never use spring collars if I can help it, they work awesome.

I’ll give you 50 bucks for a pair.

There was a defective one of those at my gym…didn’t know it until I took the bar out of the rack to hit my top set of box squats which resulted in the plates nearly sliding of the end of the bar, me almost shitting myself, and smashing the hell out of one of my fingers while frantically trying to get the bar back onto the rack. Give me spring collars or battery clamps any day.