Multi daily sessions

What does anyone think of multi daily sessions for fat loss? I hear that your metabolism is much enhanced through many sessions during a day far more than would be justified by the total amount of work? Insulin sensitivity is suppossed to go way up

Depends, what type of training are you doing with these multiple gym visitations? I suggest perhaps you should incorperate moderate to heavy cardio first thing in the morning for optimizing fat loss, and do your weight training mid-day. In the event you are extremely advanced in your training, and have an exorbant amount of free time you should look into a training split. there are a multitude of options for cutting up, some that don’t even utilize cardio. The key is finding a program you can live with and that your body most readily responds to, so by all means EXPERIMENT!

Hi, Give us some more info-how many sessions? For how long? What type of workout are you thinking about doing? Also search this site there is alot of fat loss info.

Although I would not personally want to go through it again, I went from a 34 inch waist to a 29 in 2 months by biking 4 times weekly in the early AM for 45 minutes and lifting for an hour 4-5 times per week in the evening. I ate 1-1.5 times my bodyweight in protein and kept the remainder split between vegetable, oatmeal, and MRP carbs, and fish and oily fats.

I don’t think I lost any muscle, but it wasn’t easy and required a bit of discipline to exercise that much while keeping calories below maintenance…

I would not weightlift twice daily, but aerobics in the morning and lifting in the evening took off fat faster than I could eat it. The metabolic boost was outstanding and insulin sentivity was way up…my energy levels were unusually high for the amount of work I was doing. I’m gonna give it another shot before the summer but with Androsol or Nandrosol to enhance the results.

Hi, theres a lot of writing about how bad cardio is but I reckon its the way to go for fat loss. I just finished 4 week program where I did cardio first thing in the am b4 breakfast 5 mins w/up, 15mins of repeats 2mins hard then 1 recovery finish it off with 5mins of 30sec sprint/30 sec recovery. Then just eat carefully (not starvation) heaps of coffee and 2 tabs of Diet Fuel (no Biotest in my country).Saturday cheat day. Did cardio this way 5 days pw weights 3 days and 2 days off. The weights program was 1 off t-mag where u alternate lower/upper body with minimal rest. I managed to lose 3% BF in 4 weeeks and put on a very small amount of LMM. Doing recovery phase at moment (I was wired on caffeine for about 3 days after I finished)then back onto above for another 4 weeks.