I recently started school and I work part-time. When these things started I lost my motivation to exercise. How do I get that back?

MD6. My motivational trouble has been from feeling tired and lathargic. MD6 gets me pumped. I take it at about 3 or 4 and get ot the gym by 6. I would have to say I might be addicted.


Going to school and working part-time, and that caused you to lose your motivation to train? What’s up with that? I remember the good ole days when I went to school and worked part time, and I had plenty of time and motivation to work out!!! Now I work full-time, and still make sure I get to the gym!

As for you, if you’ve been training for a while without a break, maybe it’s time to take a week off. If that’s not the problem, then you need to find something that does motivate you and makes you want to work out. It’s a lifestyle as my boy Timbo would say. So do what’s good for you bro. If you are really into it, you’ll find the motivation to get in the gym.

There’s no special formula for motivation. If something’s important to you you’ll find time for it; if it isn’t you won’t.

Watch a Mike Tyson fight, that always gets me pumped.

motivation? what always pushes me to the gym is that I wanna look good nekid…think about those babes eyeing on your body. =)

Harry… I think we all go through what you’re going through at one time or another. School, work … the importance of these things can easily outweight the importance of hitting the gym (on the surface at least). But you’ll soon realize that a lack of exercise and proper nutrition will bring your energy levels down, and you won’t be able to get through the day as easily, nor concentrate as much. Try this… strip down and stare at yourself in the mirror. Make it meditative if you must. Find yourself and decide what it is you want. If you WANT to train and WANT to be in great shape for both health reasons and looking good nekkid … then you will do it. You need to make that decision first, then the rest will come into play. You’ll make the time. Good luck!

unless you’re working MORE than 40 hours/week (say 60), full-time work is surely not more time consuming than full-time school + part-time work. in fact, the latter is more time consuming, considering school requires projects, assingments, and studying done outside of class. that being said, motivation to work out is difficult in either scenario but i would and do prefer (as you mentioned) school+work over solely work.

get plenty of good sleep. train with friends. get a girlfriend if you don’t have one and train with her.