Motivation: Odd but true

I know this may seem odd, but ever since I started the Bring the Pain lower body series by Ian King, I’ve hated doing legs! Don’t get me wrong I’m doing legs twice a week with no excuses.
IT takes a lot of effort to get me to the gym, but I do it either way.
One thing that i’ve been blessed with is great willpower. I will not eat something if i’m not supposed to. I don’t care how badly I crave it.
Which brings me to Surge. I love the stuff! It tastes amazing. ANd I would drink it 6 times a day if I could. The fact that I get to drink my surge right after my workout, sends me to the gym with lots of motivation. Then I get home and am rewarded with a party in my mouth.
So not only is Surge a great post workout drink to get you straight into anabolic mode. It’s also a great motivator!
Beradi you’re the man :slight_smile:

So, there’s party in your mouth and everybody’s coming? Just kidding. Man, you make me really curious this Surge stuff. I’m still sucking down my home concoction…

Hey man at least get it for a test trial. Remember if you don’t like it you can get your money back :smiley: