Monica Lewinsky

you’re right michelle, it just pisses me off when these tv shows keep giving publicity to people like her

Well, you two have a point, but let’s also remember that Americans respond the same way to the antics of the Royals in Great Britain; with a lot of laughter and head shaking. We don’t understand how a country can be so captivated with an antiquated and silly system, and they don’t get why we care when our President acts boorishly. Clinton was a scumbag in his personal life, no doubt. His actions should not have been dragged into the public sphere, but they were, and when they were he should have been a man and ‘fessed up. I, for one, would have respected him a lot more if he did. No matter how you slice it, Clinton was unable to unify the country. That is the one of the marks of a great President, and at this task, he failed miserably.

Just throwing a quick thought into the conversation…

Does a nieve, young woman; with extremely low self-esteem; share “equal” blame with a smart, sophisticated, wordly man, who happens to hold the most powerful position in the world?

I don’t think the blame they share compares.

Keep the thoughts coming…

Actually, perjury and witness tampering in a sexual harrasment suit aren’t private issues. He lied in a court of law to a legal line of questioning. He also lead his secretary to testify the way he wanted her to. That is not a private issue. Clinton was not just an adulterer, he was a scumbag. He was using his office to destroy Monica (they tried to make her out to be a stalker). I guess Condit learned from the master and the American people that it’s okay to lie your ass off to the justice system. Clinton should have been removed because of his perjury.

mufasa, absolutely she’s equally responsible, its not like she was 13 years old

Mufasa, saying someone is responsible is different from saying they are smart enough to know better. Lewenski was probably thinking (or not) that she could have an affair and Clinton could keep it under wraps. Examples like this are why we should teach our kids to think things through carefully. Clinton on the other hand should have known better, or did know better and did it anyway. To further add to my earlier point-is this a pattern of behavior (doing stupid, wrong, things and trying to get away with it by any means possible) that should be examined prior to hiring/electing someone?

The follow-up question was maybe worded poorly…it was whether or not Monica and Clinton shared EQUAL responsiblity. Of course they both are accoutible for their actions, but I think Clinton bears FAR more responsiblity…and that’s not letting Monica “off the hook…”

Obviously, by the tone of the post, I’m missing the boat here…my heart goes out to this young woman. She’s already been branded with the “Scarlet Letter” over and over again. Maybe it’s just time to hang her and get it all over with?

Again…any more thoughts?

Mufas, she is a whore. A media whore that is. She tells everyone how she just wants to get on with a normal private life sniff sob Yet, she turns around with some new media appearance.

You’re confused. That doesn’t apply. If you are a public figure, exposure of the “private” life is a part of it. It goes with the territory, girl. A person has no business running a country, or whatever, if they cannot manage their own life. Funny though, people who think like this will not apply it to TV evangelists, preachers, ministers, or what-not? If you are one of those, the public has the “right” to know every detail of the private life–hmmmmmm?

Two things about the digressions on this thread. The first is that under the First Amendment application to libel law, public figures, and especially politicians, have a lesser right to privacy and a tougher standard to meet to get damages. That, combined with the public’s interest in the prurient is why you get the pleasure of seeing public figures’ private missteps splattered all over the media. The second point is that the Ken Starr probe was never about the morality of Clinton getting a blowjob, except to the idiots in the media, who were trying to sell stories and attract viewers with those types of details. It was about Clinton, the head of the executive branch charged with enforcement of the laws, lying under oath in a trial and making a mockery of the integrity of our judicial system. Monica was relevant only in that she was the subject of the lie.

I simply do not agree that someone’s private life should have any bearing on their public life. An asshole who cheats on his wife can certianly run the country. He is a POLITICAL leader, not a MORAL leader. There is a big difference. If Clinton was the Pastor at a church preaching about fidelity that would be ont thing, but he was running the country… his pathetic private life is no one’s busiiness.

Are peope still using that private life excuse? Perjury and witness tampering are not private matters. I’m not sure why some people believe they are, anyone?

If you were live, I’d pat you on the back. What people “wish ought to be” aren’t what is done in reality. The reality is that is does matter, and people thinking that it should not matter won’t change that.

Um… no, pergery and witness tampering are not allowed any time any where… At the same time, the entire thing was one big mess. I simply believe that the questions should NEVER have been asked. YES, after being sworn in he should have told the truth, but he never should have been put in the position to lie in the first place.

Michelle: What is your position on sexual harassment law? Clinton was sued by Paula Jones for sexual harassment, and was called as a witness pursuant to that. Should women be allowed to bring sexual harassment claims? BTW, He would have easily been convicted of sexual battery had the statute of limitations not already run.

I think Sexual Harassment laws are important, but get abused too frequently. Jones waited a while to come forward, and gee… right at a bad time for Clinton and with plenty of Republican support. Please don’t tell me that was a coincidence. Come on, Linda Tripp taped conversations and told Monica to put the dress in a zip lock bag! Can you say alterior motives??? There are many many cases where harassment is real and very difficult to deal with, unfortunately there are far too many women who abuse the law. Anything that involves questions in court that go ‘Sir, three years ago on thursday night at 6:30 while working late did you touch her buttocks in an in appropriate manner’ should be thrown out of court. I WAS harassed in a past job. Quite badly. I CHOSE to do nothing. I wanted to keep my job. YES, I could have easily sued and won, but I chose not to. If my ex-boss ran for election do I have a right to then sue him? NO. I did nothing at the time and I can’t convieiently decide that he made my life completely unbearable just because he’s making more money and is a public figure.

Interesting. I think sexual harassment laws are given too much weight in the context of “hostile environment” sexual harassment – judges have a tendency to let First Amendment rights get circumvented in order to pursue a politically correct goal. Quid pro quo harassment enforcement generally makes sense.

However, what Clinton supposedly did would have been sexual battery, but Jones was forced to file a sexual harassment version of an Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress claim because the statute of limitations had run on her battery claim. As to waiting/circumstances, one can argue about whether she should have filed earlier, although she was not in a financial position to file such a case herself, and probably couldn't find someone interested in doing so until Clinton took on national significance and her claim was discovered.

Linda Tripp likely did have ulterior motives in making her tape, but I would think that it was just to get her 15 min. of fame -- she was hardly a powerful Republican interest, and she did the taping herself and then submitted those tapes to the Special Prosecutor, Ken Starr -- who investigated solely because Lewinsky's allegations would imply that Clinton, the Chief Executive charged with enforcing the laws, lied under oath and made a mockery of the court system. This not only violated the office of the Presidency, but would have gotten him disbarred in Arkansas had he not had such political clout. He resigned from the Supreme Court bar rather than face the ignominy of being disbarred for lying to the court -- one of the most serious ethical violations a lawyer can commit.

Hate to say it, but there’s something about Monica Lewinsky that makes her very damn sexy…anyone agree?

If she would’ve showed me her panties I would have stained her dress too along with her face (ala Peter North) ha ha ha ha. Naw, but really though victim my ass!! She knew the possibilites of the concequences of her actions and all the feasible reprecussions. She knew he was married to a frigid bitch (DUH) and continued to persue him. Honestly, what did she think she was going to get out of it besides a dry cleaning bill and maybe a raise. Bill was not the first man to cheat nor will he be the last. Everyone needs to bust a nut every once in a while.(I mean needs a stress relief yea thats it) What I get from alot of people is that its not wrong unless you get caught…right?(seriously look at the Kennedys) But I digress they both got what they deserve. Monica got to be a Famous slut and Bill got Hillary ha ha. Personally I think she should do adult videos imagine all the money.