Mix Surge with beer?

I know the creators have said to only mix Surge with water to not mess up the high insulin response. I’m sure they’ve tried a lot of things with it, but what about non-alchoholic beer? Non-alchohol because it reduces T levels and beer because it’s 115 on the glycemic. Thanks.

They do all this research to develop a product that works and you want to mix it with beer? What is wrong with you ?

Dude, don’t screw it up. If you can’t go one drink without the taste of beer being included in some weird way, there are bigger problems than workout recovery going on.

The main source of carbohydrates in beer is maltodextrin which is one of the carb sources in Surge. The problem that arises is that the beer may contain other substances which would inhibit the fast absorption for which it is designed.

I’m sure that the whole T-mag team is collectively slapping their foreheads for not having thought of this. Thanks for the idea, I’ll be sure and try it out!