Max muscle

I’m taking 1000mg a week of cypionate, how much weight should I be gaining each week. I don’t want to gain too much fat. Basically how much over my maintenance calories should I be eating.

There are a number of factors involved in how much weight you will gain. How do you train? What % of carbs/protein are you consuming daily? Is this your first cycle? In any case, 2-3lbs/week is not unreasonable. Some of it will be water weight. You will gain a little fat if your eating enough. If you are “on” you need to eat for the juice to be as effective as possible. 10-20% over maintenance calories.

I go with 25 % more calories than maintainence - and go with a 50/30/20 ratio.

I find that 3 pounds per week is ok but resulted in a 6 pound fat gain on a 60 day cycle. On the current cycle my caloric intake stays at 25 % above maintainence for 42 days
followed by a (hard) dieting period. I aim for
a net gain of 10-12 pounds with -no- additional fat at day 60.

I´m on 1000 mg of test, 400 mg deca and 25 mg dbol per day (along with 500 iu´s of hcg + 50 mg of clomid per day).

The 35 pounds Brock talkes about in Grammabol includes fat, water and glycogen. I´m talking about a net gain of 10-12 pounds of hard, striated meat post cycle ( at maintainence calories)