Massive eating and insulin

I hope some one can offer me some advice, I have just started to use Beradi’s meal combinations of CHO + protein and fat+ protein. the problem I have is that I am type one diabetic and as such have to take humolog insulin with each meal and humlin I at night. The humilin I acts over a 24 hour period meaning I have a constant base line of insulin flowing through me, and the humolog acts over 2-4 hours. When I have a fat and protein meal I do not take the humolog as such my blood sugars raise unless I have taken a large dose of humilin I the night before, as such I have raised plasma insulin levels while increasing the lipids in my blood stream - which was what I was trying to avoid! As such what can I do to make the most of the massive eating plan while trying to keep my blood sugars and health in check? any advice from JMB or any would be appreciated.

I am definitely not an expert on insulin. But
what you’re saying you do makes sense. Let me
see if I understand your question: you use a
long acting 24hr insulin for basic coverage,
and then you use a short acting only with the
P+C meals. Your problem is that during the P+F
meals your blood glucose is getting too high?
P and F can cause some rise in glucose, but
usually not a lot, unless your body is
breaking down the protein into glucose. How
high is your blood glucose getting after the
P+F meals? Perhaps instead of taking insulin
with your P+F meals, what you might consider
doing is taking some ALA. The ALA might be
effective enough at disposing of the excess
glucose, without having to raise insulin
levels. Otherwise, I’m not sure. You could
also consider a small(!) amount of metformin,
but you would need to be careful mixing
metformin with insulin. I’m not a doctor and
I don’t even play one on TV, so you will
want to be careful and perhaps ask your doc.

Thanks free extropian, I’m going to look into your advive. I feel I am going to just have to comprimise and take small doses of humolog with the protein + fat meals or increase the dosage of humilin, it is not perfect but better than just having meals of high fat and high carbs