Making your own supp bar???

First off, I am no supplement guru, nor do I tend to compete in this niche. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make your own bar? I want to design the wrapper, but I need someone to throw together the ingredients. Basically a 30-30-40 bar where I make the name and wrapper. I have this really good idea. I am not looking for a big profit, just someone to make the bar with my designed wrapper on it (I am a traditional/digital artist). Ya know, say a company wanted to make one for their employees. This may be out in left field, but I appreciate the replies… any links would be very helpful.

Hmmm…interesting idea, I think and some of us are aware of some bar-making technique. Couple questions though: I am trying to understand your plight here, 1st off…considering the direction the supplement market has headed (i.e - low carb, or ketogenic), why have you chosen the macronutrient profile you have? Would you not figure to win over more profit with a different sort of profile or is there a reason you have chosen the one you have? As far as protein source is concerned, what source would you consider using? I know you are “no supplement guru” as you suggested, however, I think you are aware of some of the crooked things that go on as well in the bar-making industry. Tell me your plans for glycerine, etc… What kind of flavor(s) are you looking for? And such a push for development of name and packaging, do you have other (reference) mat.s elsewhere available for observation?

Two of the big bar manufacturers are MLO and Bariatrix. Do a search in order to get contact phone #'s and give your dream a stab at it.