Maintenance Diet after cutting up

I have my diet down pretty good for getting defined for a photo shoot, high protein, low carbs, then carb up 3 days before shoot, cut water intake day before, etc. But, what is a good diet to eat on the day of the photo shoot, and for several days afterward, as the photo shoot may last several days. So, what do I eat to keep my ripped and muscled physique for 4 to 5 days?

I wouldn’t think it matters a huge amount as long as you don’t go too much over maintenance. Perhaps an iso-caloric diet (one-third each macro making up total cals). Keep the creatine going in, and keep drinking a shite load of water so your body keeps dropping it at a rapid pace and doesn’t make you hold any in places that are counter-productive to the look you want. That’s what I’d experiment with anyway.

What I usually do for a photoshoot is Keto (zero carb) the day of the shoot. For a multiple day shoot I’d suggest doing the same, But taking in some slow digesting/releasing carbs first thing in the AM to keep your muscles full, or if you are training on the other days of the shoot have a carb drink while you workout. You can’t dehydrate for more than a day without your muscles starting to drain and go flat, so drink about 1L of water everyday after the first.

BigK - What do you suggest for slow releasing/digesting carbs? Rice Cakes, Rice Krispies cereal with a little non-fat milk, Baked Potatoes, Yams . . . .? Thanks to both of you, your suggestions are appreciated and make sense.

I think all those foods you listed are quite high on the GI, so stear clear of them. Go for oatmeal, and I think yogurt it fairly low on the GI too from memeory.

On the GI, the lower the better. Glucose is 100, and fructose is only 23. Your best bets are oatmeal (42-not instant), Yams (54), Apples and Pears (both 36), yogurt (33, but dairy products make some people appear smooth), underripe bananas (30-but make sure it’s underripe), and grapefruit (25). Beans are almost all low GI, but I’m not sure if they’re a great idea before a photo shoot. Great for ong-lasting energy when bulking, though. And, of course, most vegetables (not carrots) are good choices because they’re low GI and low-calorie, plus they’ll give some fiber to fill you up. Good luck.