M & The Waistline

I’ve been taking M for three weeks straight now and have noticed a loss in body weight of about 3 or 4 pounds, and my mid-section looks a little leaner. I also take M with Tribex. Due to an injury, I haven’t been working out for the past couple weeks. My calorie intake is at maintenance. Could the weight loss and the leaning out of the mid-section be a result of estrogen suppression by M or just something else?

If your caloric intake really has been as you believe (rather than perhaps being low with missed meals you didn’t really notice, or some unnoticed change such as no longer consuming a muffin in the morning that’s a horrific 600 calories, that sort of thing) then certainly it sounds as if it’s the M.

But the product hasn’t been out long enough
to be able to say at all that this is a result to be expected. A pound per week without dieting is remarkably fast.