Lactic Acide from Ice Hockey

Hi T-folk! Strange thing happened recently. I decided to go on the fat fast because during a golf lesson I saw myself in a video and said to myself “I’m too damn large”. I’m 5’10" 220lbs 13% BF and frankly just didn’t like that much size. I started fat fast and have dropped to 211 with only 1 lifting session so far. I am planning on doing Meltdown throughout this diet due to the lactic acid effects. I also started playing pick up hockey and frankly the lactic acid burn is pretty severe as I have been off from the pond for 3 -4 years. Can someone shed some light on this type of lactic acid burn and is it at all beneficial/replacable to the Meltdown? I will lift 3X per week, but want to know if the burn from skating will provide similar metabolic effects as Meltdown. Thanks in advance.