L-Carnitine, Flaxseed oil, Para-deca

ok guys, i’m cheating a little and putting 3 topics in one subject so please answer which part you know about. L-Carnitine and Flaxseed oil… how much, when, and what is too much? is it a ration based on my body composition or is it pretty much general for everyone? and as for para-deca… is it bullshit or does it live up to the hype? it’s pretty expensive here in boise, about $99 a bottle. let me know what you guys think. thanks.

Paradeca is crap. We use that a sign of a newbie in my gym. “Poor guy bought Paradeca, must be really new or really dumb.” Get some Androsol or wait on MAG-10.

L-Carnitine 1.5-2grams for an effective dosage. Rescent research shows it might be good before and after exercise to reduce soreness, plus good for fat burning. Flaxseed oil, depends on your diet and goals. Average guy maybe 2 tablespoons a day split in even doses. Just a general guideline.