Keys to Progress - by John McCallum

I’ve been reading “The Complete Keys to Progress” lately, and I must say that this is the best book I have read in a long time. McCallum’s writing style is great, and his information still applies today. In fact, much of what he recommends is still the best stuff for size and strength. I do think some of his routines are a bit too high on volume (whole body workouts, six days a week!), but if you take the principles and work hard, you will have great results. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it. It is a great motivational tool, and some of his training and nutrition advice is better than much of the stuff you see now. Check it out!

I agree Nate, “The Complete Keys To Progress” is a great book for bodybuilders. I like McCallum’s writing entertaining writing style the advice is sound. The book feels like a bodybuilding version of Brooks Kubrick’s “Dinosaur Training.”

I just got this book last week and it is really good. Its got me amped for the basic stuff again. The High protein, high sets system is pretty insane.

racingsnails, yeah that high protein high sets thing is like GVT on steroids! Six days a week and 15 sets per exercises! Whoa! But you’re right, the book certainly does help motivate you to lift the big basic exercises hard and heavy! :slight_smile:

nate, i gotta agree with ya bro. that has always been my favorite training book ever written. i love all the old school shit. ya ever read any old saxon or hackenschmidt books? what about gironda’s book? harry b. paschall has some cool books you might like also. mccallum is the best though.

The Game, I have found a site that I was able to print out Sandow’s two books about training. I’ve read parts of it, and it’s pretty cool. I will have to look into some of the other books. I have searched for stuff on Hackenschmidt, but have not found anything. I know they wrote a story about him in one of the old issues of MILO, and of course that’s one of the issues I don’t have! Thanks for the tip!

William Hinbern sells aweosme re-print old school books. Just got the old Milo Courses from the 20’s, Peary raders books from the 50’s, Mark berry course,and Saxons books. Graet stuff.