JMAN I reread the meltdown article and it says men lose fat from the abdomen>trunk>arms>legs however at 8% bodyfat I have skinfolds on my arms and legs below or around 5mm yet my abs are 10mm and back is 10 - 15 mm and kidney around 15 plus. Should I reorganise the order of exercises to do the torso first and the arms and legs last? Logic seems to suggest I would get better results. Thanks!

men will always store more fat in the torso, which is why you would lose fat there first. if you have double digit measurements on your torso areas there is no way you could be at 8% bodyfat. you are probably around 11-12 on an accurate formula(the one charles poliquin uses) your personal legs and arms are naturally lean, and therefore if you got down to around 6% bodyfat, you would probably notice that your torso millimeters went way down, but your arm and leg measurements are still around where they were. this program will insure that you lose as much fat in the limbs as you “potentially” can. your personal torso measurements will rapidly go down since you store much of your fat there.