Is this totally weird??

I was just wondering if this was totally abnormal or not…most of my skinfold measurements are relatively low. ab-10, tri-18, chest-7, midax-8, subscap-11, supra-11…but my thigh measurement is a 36! Just wondering if this is normal, or am i a total freak? Any other freaks like me on this board?

I would guess you just store your fat a little differently and are very thick skinned in the thigh area so that when you grab to take a skinfold you’re also pulling a lot of muscle and skin along with it. It’s hard to get an accurate reading on some people because of this. However, if you also have a big fat butt along with this you might just have a lot of estrogen and this could be leading to abnormal and excessive lower bodyfat accumulation. :slight_smile:

I agree with Kelly. The thigh is the toughest of the regular skinfolds to grab. My skin is very tight around my leg and I have to pinch and pull very hard to get an accurate reading. A lot harder than what most typical skinfold practioners will do. Who did your skinfolds?

My final question: Based on your handle, I can't tell if you are a man or a woman. I just noticed your elevated tricep skinfold. Your fat distribution is much more similar to a female than it is to a male. So, maybe you're a women and that is normal or maybe you have higher than average estrogen levels.

well the bad news (i guess), is that i am indeed a man:-). anyways, i had a friend do the skinfolds measurements for me. my progress has been tremendous in all my other skinfold measurements (ive lost a solid 20lbs. of fat), but my thigh measurement hasnt changed one bit, despite the fact that my legs are visibly smaller. so i guess its possible that my friend isnt measuring me right, which would be good news i guess…just to show you what my starting measurements were; chest-15, tri-24, ab-24, supra-36, midax-25, subscap-18, thigh 37…so yeah, ive definitly made some nice progress…as for the tri measurement, thats another one that seems to mystify me. my friend says he has a hard time doing that one as well…and ive had the estrogen issue checked out, and im normal in that regard. i checked it out because i was indeed storing most of my fat in my lower body and my butt. but like i said, the tests showed that my estrogen levels were normal. and just for the record, if it helps any bit, ive been using juice during this cutting phase. any other thoughts, jason or kelly or anybody else for that matter?

Ok, something’s wrong. You don’t drop all of your other skinfolds and hold on to everything in your legs. Make sure you take it again and really pull hard. Practice on yourself. Sometimes it even hurts, but you have do it.

Also, you mention that you got your E levels checked? I assume you got your T done at the same time, but from what I understand, it is the T/E ratio that is more important than the absolute numbers.

Finally, that just might be the way you store your fat and you will have to continue to cut down to eventually have things even up a bit.

First fat on, last off. Sounds like you still have a ways to go and so I bet that it will just be the last to go off. It does indeed sound like you store your fat in a more feminized manner, but hey that isn’t necessarily terrible, it just means you have to work to get yourself hormonally in shape.