Info on Jamaica

Hey everyone. I’m going on a trip to Jamaica in a month or so and i was wondering if they policies similar to mexico in terms of drinking age and being able to walk into a pharmacy and get anything i want without a perscription. Also if anyone knows any cool places to go…fill me in

hedonism II

Drinking age is does not exist as far as I can tell. Got money…get a drink.

Prescription drugs require a prescription no OTC on demand like Mexico. If you are going to do illegal drugs buy them at your resort. The airport or rest stops are stings set up by the police. I am not telling you to do this just warning you. That being said the local product is very potent I am told.

Hedo II or III will rock your world if you got the money. $350/night or $100 for a 24 hr. pass. Well worth the experience. If you are going with a date is helpful if she is “open minded”:slight_smile:

Ocho Rios is a tourist trap but the Margaritaville restaurant was fun. In Negril might want to try Rick’s Cafe and the place next to Rick’s is awesome but I forget the name.