Influential Democrat Promises Dirty Tricks Forthcoming

“Worse, Computer Science Professor Robert Cartwright of Rice University (hat tip: Hugh Hewitt) shows that the variable letter spacing based on the adjacency of letters found in CBS’s documents was computationally impossible on any mechanical device available in 1973. Modern word processing processing programs, like Microsoft Word, contain information in the font definition which, for example, tuck a small “i” under the overhang of a capital “T”. No mechanical typewriter then available could do this.”

“I have one speculation… It could be an issue of counter-intel. Someone from the Bush camp creates the documents and then leaks it to the doc-hungry dems, then they can quickly dismantle it.”

This could only work if the “document hungry dems” and/or the anti-Bush CBS/NBC/ABC media could be counted on to lack integrity and to not fact check an obvious forgery.