Infamous Cycle Question

I will be starting a cycle in the middle of May and just wanted to pick your brain(s). My goal is increased strength as opposed to hypertrophy. The plan is for a six week cycle. I have Test Enanthate, Halotestin (Stenox) and TA. Is there a benefit to adding the Test. to a Stenox/TA cycle? Would the Stenox and TA be too hard on the liver combined in the same cycle? If I would do 75mg EOD of the TA for the entire six weeks and phase in the Stenox at 20mg/day for the last three weeks…is that ok? Any suggestions as to a better way to cycle? Thanks

I don’t know the amount of each drug that you have, but I will say this. If you don’t want to experience much hypertrophy or a gain in weight, regardless of the composition, because you have some sporting event in which you need to be in a certain weight class, then I’d say to leave the test out. If not, go ahead and add it in. Stenox and TA won’t be too hard on the liver. It’s only six weeks anyhow, so I wouldn’t sweat it. Adding in the stenox during the last three weeks would be fine too. If it were me, I’d do this: TA 75 EOD for six weeks. Stenox @ 20-30 mg for last four weeks. Test(optional) at 300 mg per week. I’m using the lower dosage of test because you indicated that you don’t wish to gain much weight. FYI, however, I’d still expect to gain around 7-12 pounds with this cycle.

Cy, what do you think about stacking TA and Anadrol together?

Funny you should ask that Ben, as that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I think the TA’s ability to bind so well to the AR, coupled with Anadrol’s rather potent effects via non-AR-mechanisms works rather well. I’m also including stanozolol(winstrol) with this stack. With this stack, I’ve noticed the following. Little water retention. A dramatic increase in strength and some rather impressive gains in terms of LBM as well. I do seem to be just slightly more susceptible to agitation, but that may not be such a factor as I’m under a lot of stress right now anyhow. Overall, I think it’s a great stack. One of the best available.

Cy…stress or no, TA makes me extremely irritable.

Yeah, it seems to be unique in that regard. Everyone that I know has said the same. Even those who hadn’t heard of TA’s supposed effects in regard to agitation. So, to me, that would explain away the idea that you only think it’s making you irritable(placebo effect). Still, doesn’t provide an excuse to completely fly off the handle. At least in my book.

Cy: Do you find that the increased aggression aids your workouts or hinders them? I’m guessing that it must help quite a bit, but I would also think that it’d be easier to lose focus if, say, you’re trying to break through a PR in the squat and some kid is running around the gym screaming his or her head off. (?)

You’re right Bob. The increased aggression is quite beneficial. Especially when training to failure. I’ve found that I really push myself more than usual. On the other hand, yes, I can sometimes lose focus. The other day, I walked into the dumbbell room to see that the only flat bench worth using was being used. (I have to use the wider bench) Used for what? For a guy to rest his dumbbells on. This same guy does this every time! So, I walked over and said exactly this, “Are you so lazy that you can’t put them on the ground?!” The guy replied with, “Oh well I didn’t know you wanted to use it” Consequently, the rest of my workout, I couldn’t stop thinking about those types of things that people do. Curling in the squat rack, waiting until you get to the gym to fill up your water jug, or in this case putting your personal belongings or dumbbells on the equipment. So, thinking about those things, I tend to lose some focus. Normally, I don’t care as much about those things.

Well, in addition to your gym experience, I would imagine that my posts weren’t exactly how you were planning to cap your week off. Cheers, Cy, and have an excellent weekend.

Just arrived home from my workout and I must say it was a good one. Bob, don’t sweat the posts. It’s very hard to convey exactly what one wishes to express to another individual via posts. Acknowledging that fact, things can sometimes get out of hand because certain things can be taken personally when they weren’t intended that way. Also, I’ll admit, I’ve been overly sensitive lately. I’m assuming it’s the tren. In any case, thanks for the support Bob. You have a good weekend too. As for me, I’ll be paying the local clubs a visit this weekend. I need it! Take care bud.