Immediate PWO Nutrition

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Vicomte wrote:
I love brown sugar pop tarts. I’m almost out of Surge, and I have an order of Grow! Whey coming in, so I’ll have to start including a PWOPT.

Can I have two on leg day?

If having two doesn’t put you over your #s for the day. When I have my ‘High Day’ in my rotation, I get about 250g of carbs. PWO is one of the best times to shovel it in (but be careful NOT to go over, unless your bulking)


I picked up some Fiber Tarts.

I think I have one serving of Surge left.

I’m not really anal about numbers, I just have one or two meals with carbs every day. Usually breakfast and PWO.

i drink a pop pwo then my protein shake. not healthy, but i can cheat on my diet and lie to myself that i need it to spike my inlulin!

Should I drink the glucose first and then the whey or would just mixing the two in be ok…?


aka Dextrose. its like 1$/lb, get some.

1/1 ratio, you can even drink some before hand if you are doing a hypertrophy based workout

My only beef with products such as dextrose, maltodextrin, and waxy-maize is that your body responds to them almost identically to sucrose (table sugar) and that they are essentially 100% empty calories that are 100% sugar.

Whey, skim milk, oats, honey and banana. Throw all this in a blender with some ice and enjoy. It might help to pre-grind the oats in bulk before hand. This is a great homemade post workout shake that will not break the bank.

I’ll let you figure out the desired macro nutrient breakdown.

I throw two scoops of whey in a blender full of water and splenda and have some fruit. Maybe 3 oranges and a couple of apples. I’ll throw in a cup of oatmeal if I feel the need, but my best bet is the fruit.

I’m quite fond “Little Cutie” (yeah that’s what they’re called) variety of orange/tangerine. They come in a 3lb sack and first time I bought them the damn things were so sweet and tasty I ate the whole thing. lol My two centavos.

Actually found some monohydrate dextrose very cheap in a local chemists yesterday, so I got some of that.

Anyways I live a bit away from the nearest gym and I might not be able to head home directly after workouts anyway, so I got in on a friends order to a UK supplement company and got myself a blender bottle(same thing shown and reviewed in this article- ). And while it’s very convenient it does mean that my PWO shakes will have to be entirely powder based. I’ll just have the blended stuff when I have shakes at home…

So anyways, I’m still assuming that I don’t need to drink the glucose before the whey and that simply mixing the two in with milk will still cause an insulin spike with effective protien synthesis…?