I'm a Stud Workout

In my highschool you can lift instead of other activities during gym class. Every year the football coach does a workout routine called Im a Stud. Kids in the class who want to attempt it compete to get the best time. It consists of 2 rounds of 10 pullups, 25 pushups, 25 bench hops (jumping laterally over a weight bench), and 50 air squats going down to about a foot off the floor.

It sounds easy on paper but it’s not really that easy. I think so far I’m the only kid to complete the workout that is over 200lb. I got a 7:09, the best kid in my class got 3:29 which is just insane. I was wondering if anyone wanted to try it post on their time. I threw up twice after I finished. Their were I believe 6 kids who finished and 5 threw up. One of the other kids who didn’t finished also puked.