I wanna be a fireman

I know the requirments probably vary a little depending on where you live, but what does it usually take?

Good choice, I want to be a fireman as well. I live in St. Louis,MO and you basically have to have either an EMT or Paramedics License and Fire 1 and Fire 2 classes before you can even be considered for fire academy. You also have to do a lot of volunteer work for the Fire Department.
Hope this helps you out some.

I think I saw a book in Coles about everything your needed to be a fireman. Note the title wasn’t that lame. I’m always in book stores so if I see it again I’ll post it. You could go into Chapters and do a search. Now the book or books could be complete shit but it’s probably worth a look. I remember reading a bit of it, it has stuff on tests you had to pass etc. :slight_smile:


A fire, a truck, a long hose, lots of water, black boots and a red suit. :-),50,000 comedians out of work and you’re stuck with me.

Cojones Grandes!!!

All I needed to do was go to my town’s homepage (doh) & find the fire dept site. There was a q&a meeting just 2 days ago that I missed oh well. I found out what the physical requirements are & it’s no big deal (except the stairmaster thing) but the next test isn’t until the spring sometime. The other min. qualifications goes on for about a page I better get busy.