I Seriously Need Guidance

You’ll want to post all your labs you have done on here. Be sure to include the ranges as well. If you haven’t had the labs done listed here, you’ll want to get those ASAP. BE SURE TO GET ESTRADIOL (E2) tested too. You may have to battle for that one.

I haven’t tried the gel you’re using, but with androgel guys typically absorb around 10%, so if you’re using 100mg, you’re getting roughly 10mg/day. Given the fact that your levels were still very low on the dosage you were on (I’m assuming a range of 250-1100 or similar?), you appear to be a non-absorber, which could mean that you have thyroid issues. Regardless, T levels are much more likely to fluctuate when using topical T. You would do best to switch to injections and self-inject if you can convince your doctor. It’s really the best possible way. There is no doubt how much T you are getting with injections. The issue would be if your doctor only would allow you to do the injections in his office, in which case would probably be weekly, or even worse, bi-weekly. Self-injecting can be done in the thigh with 0.5in 29gauge syringes. This is off-label use, though. If he’ll let you do it at home just tell him you’re injecting IM in the glutes. You can buy insulin syringes on the internet.

See if you can get your doc on board with this protocol

I think this would alleviate a lot of your issues. Make sure you read up on this forum and present your case to him. He can’t argue with sound logic, and it he does, it’s most likely because he doesn’t know much about the topic. Print off all your material for him to read at his leisure. This may help. hCG will keep the testes working and prevent the aching. Anastrozole will keep the estradiol in check. Bad T/E2 ratio can make you feel TERRIBLE.