Huge Improvement in Labs. Still Feel Like Crap

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Stop the HCG. Lower thyroid? Come on.

Broscience. Where do you get this information. This is against everything HRT. Makes zero sense. We have a problem and you want to remove one variable and create 3 more?

How do you know this? If he has issues with thyroid ask him to get his Reverse T3 checked out. That would show whether he needs to take cytomel or armor thyroid. You are literally shooting form the hip with your suggestions.

Bro science of the year award.

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Maybe he could try 5g of Vitamin C as a suppository. It needs to be administered this way because the ascorbic acid is deactivated by the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and toxic ascorbicchloride is formed which inhibits cortisol resynthesis via the livers gamma pathway. Insertion of the suppository needs to be slow, this is very important! Suppress feeling any joy during the process. Once ‘in’ the anatomical proximity to the adrenals will ensure quick transfer of the ascorbic acid to its target.

This is no medical advice.


You’re forgetting, some may find this tremendously enjoyable

Joy must be suppressed. He was very clear on this.

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For those who enjoy rectally administering foreign objects may I suggest pouring some powdered vit C down a catheter… oh my god that’s so terrible…

I’ve made myself squirm with disgust

I’ve had a particularly bad experience with catheters… when it was taken out (yanked out… though the ballon was deflated)… blood was present… never again

Personally, my e2 was in the upper 20’s before starting TRT. And to this day I feel best with my e2 in the 20’s, so I take an AI to keep it in the 20’s.

Dropping the HCG isn’t critical, it’s just a way to reduce the variables. You can drop it and restart it when you get things figured out, or specifically when you want to conceive. Or you can just keep taking it so long as your dose is consistent. And at 800iu a week, that seems like a very reasonable dose. But you may want to consider HCG every other day, say at 250iu, for more stable peaks etc…that works out to 875iu/week.

Where can I buy those?. Its for a friend.

I would also check dihidrotestosterone levels. Your shbg is still high (like mine) and dht has a higher affinity for shbg than testosterone. Please guys correct me if wrong. DHT has a high impact on libido.

Do you have acne since starting trt? If you do probably dht is high already. If not, dht might be low (or not) so we should check

^ There’s no way his DHT is lower while being on TRT.

There is a genetic disorder with 5 alpha resuctase deficiency that consists in this, so it is possible. Though I guess this is not the case as he would have noticed many years ago J. Now seriously; you are probably right, but in my case with a high test dose IM my DHT is in the middle of the official reference. Maybe we can leverage a different “shipment” method as transdermal with higher conversion rates. I will personally try add a dht-like ester (drostanolone) with the T, just to see what happens.

Key being suppress feelings and joy. Might as well keep e2 between 5-10 as well.

Don’t over complicate it. If you want more DHT bject more or get scrotal cream and be done with it.

I know, but it is not that easy for me to get the cream. As simple as that :slight_smile:

There are pharmacies in Europe that service the continent.

Nope. Supplemental Hydrocortisone (cortisol) is the worst thing you could do. Of course, Endos will say otherwise. Taking Hydrocortisone suppresses the immune system and adrenal glands severely. The way to fix low cortisol levels is by fixing the root cause. Some ongoing stressor(s) is taxing the adrenal glands. Often infections, post-antibiotic dysbiosis, etc. is the problem.
Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs also work very well to support cortisol production, but again the root problem needs to be addressed.

Your comment means nothing in response to my comment.

So I spoke with another provider in regards to my labs and what’s going on…

First of all, he said I should have no Testosterone injections at least 6 days before my labs are taken, and no thyroid medication at least 12 hours before labs. He said the numbers would be inflated since I did my last Testosterone injection 48 hours prior to labs, and I took armour thyroid around 3 hours before labs. However, my other provider did not ever tell me to hold off on taking these, and even when I asked if I should not take the thyroid the morning of, they said that taking it that morning would be fine. Said with last testosterone injection being 2 days ago, my real free test is probably half of what the lab result said, and thyroid is inflated as well. Says this could be why I’m not feeling better.

This new provider suggested that I do injections 4x per week, of smaller doses, and injected with an insulin needle, in the thigh. He said th emore frequent doses will keep more stable testosterone levels, and prevent the estrogen from going up.

He said that weight and energy levels could be due to low iron and b12 levels, suggested to have these tested. Also suggested to have a AM cortisol test done.

About HCG, he said to definitely stay on it if I want to remain fertile. Said his patients do not have problems with HCG.

True that I should hold off on TRT and medications that far out from blood labs?

Thoughts on more frequent injections? Is the only purpose here to keep test more stable and prevent estrogen from going up?

Thoughts on low iron and b12 contributing to energy levels and stubborn weight? Or high cortisol?